The 1980’s Are Coming To An End

So I am sitting in the pointy end of an old Ansett bus waiting to be ferried back to Melbourne. A few hours earlier I had been wandering around the offices of a very large and well known Sydney based broker. They had flown me up to talk about setting up a derivatives trading desk. Apparently,…

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One of the most devilish conundrums faced by traders is what to do when an instrument they are following gives a valid signal but this signal is either at an all time high or low. Such a situation has recently occurred with wheat, which according to my system gave a valid sell signal as it…

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Not dead, just resting

IN 1990 hedge funds were still rare birds; 500-odd funds managed around $40 billion, mostly for rich individuals. Few people understood what they did or bothered to find out. By the end of 2015, the sector had mushroomed to include nearly 9,000 funds managing roughly $3 trillion. Along with private equity, the industry was classed…

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Stupid Idea Of The Day

One of the things about this business is that it is fairly isolating – this is not so much of a problem for me since I am not that good with people at the best of times. So when I travel and meet others involved in the industry there are always one or two eye opening…

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How Not To Shrink Your Brain

Results: Poor CV fitness and greater diastolic BP and HR response to exercise at baseline were associated with a smaller total cerebral brain volume (TCBV) almost 2 decades later (all p < 0.05) in multivariable adjusted models; the effect of 1 SD lower fitness was equivalent to approximately 1 additional year of brain aging in…

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Markets Are Moving

I posted this in the Mentor Program forum this morning and it is worth sharing because it represents my favourite style of price distribution. This one week relative performance is reminiscent of a smile and it indicates a series of movements that provide ample opportunity for traders. I accept that parts of equities markets are…

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Resistance To Change

Whilst browsing I came across this piece – it looks at the early resistance to the use of anaesthetics. We take for granted that when we have a surgical procedure done that we will be asleep for the duration. However,this is a relatively new phenomena, previous generations had to tolerate surgery as it was fully awake or drugged…

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