Round Number Price Barriers in U.S. Stock Market

Abstract This paper examines the existence of round number price barriers in the U.S. stock market. I show that stock prices clusters around multiples of $10 as a result of the price barriers. The price barriers results in abnormal future return pattern; a long-short portfolio formed around the barrier held for a week produces 17…

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Ethical Investing

Lately my junk mail inbox has been inundated with bits and pieces regarding ethical investment. Every now and again it seems if the investing community goes on a bit of a tear and everybody plays follow the leader. Much of what I have been receiving is based upon a paper from last year – Foundations…

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Beating the Odds – Susquehanna International – Jeff Yass

Jeff Yass was always a little different from his peers — a brilliant young man taken with poker and horse racing and the power of rational decision-making. He’s used all of it to turn his company — Bala Cynwyd’s stealthy and mysterious Susquehanna International — into one of the world’s most lucrative and powerful financial…

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Odd Thing Of The Day

My supermarket has a small community bulletin board that you see as you exit with your shopping. On it is the usual collection of flyers advertising various forms of music lessons, social and sporting clubs. These are all fairly generic but one particular flyer did catch my eye. It was from Monash University and it…

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Why Is Trading So Hard?

Despite what the late night infomercials might tell you trading is a difficult profession. The rules that describe successful trading are very simple and can be distilled into three basic ideas. If its trending up – buy it If its trending down – sell it Dont bet the farm. There is nothing in these rules…

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The Guilt of a Trader

I FELT GUILTY that I wasn’t using my degrees. I felt guilty that I hadn’t made my parents proud because I’d quit the corporate life. I felt guilty that I was allowing my prime career building years escape me, while I traded full-time. I felt like I’d let so many people down. People feel guilty…

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Updated Privacy Policy

LIKE EVERYONE ELSE ON the entire internet, we’ve updated our Privacy Policy in line with the new data protection regulations implemented across Europe (also known as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations). If you’re curious, you can check out the link at the bottom of every webpage on our website. You know that we value…

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Money Quotes to Live By

Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship. – Benjamin Franklin How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case. – Robert G. Allen Financial peace isn’t the acquisition of stuff. It’s learning to live on less than you make, so…

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A Trader in the Making

A SECRET HAND-WRITTEN message goes out to each student. “20c for toasted sandwiches. 12.30pm – room 2A. Bring your own sandwich.” And before I knew it, I was in business. Toasting sandwiches on a fork, connected to a ruler, held up to the industrial school heater. Around 15 twelve-year-old girls became my regular clients. I…

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Who Are You?

I WAS SIDE-BY-SIDE with my Grandmother at the retirement village, looking into her dresser mirror. “Who do you see Gran?” I asked. “I see an old woman. I’m always shocked when I see her. Inside I’m still 18 years old, dancing and laughing with my fiancé, my whole life ahead of me.” You see, our…

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There Is Nothing New Under The Sun

With the news that CBA has just copped a $700 million fine for its role in a pervasive money laundering scheme I am curious as to why there is no custodial sentence for anyone involved. since the majority of other money laundering cases have involved someone going to prison. Whilst I am not one for…

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Other Peoples Money

Institutional Investor have just published their latest list of the top hedge fund earners from 2017. To make things easier I have converted the list into the table show below. The return column is the return for 2017 from the groups highest performing fund. I then decided to reorder the table based upon performance. I…

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