Inside The Box – People Dont Actually Like Creativity

In the United States we are raised to appreciate the accomplishments of inventors and thinkers—creative people whose ideas have transformed our world. We celebrate the famously imaginative, the greatest artists and innovators from Van Gogh to Steve Jobs. Viewing the world creatively is supposed to be an asset, even a virtue. Online job boards burst…

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Hedge Funds Trail Stocks by the Widest Margin Since 2005

Weasel word excuse – “It has been difficult for hedge funds on the short side,” said Nick Markola, head of research at Fieldpoint Private, a $3.5 billion Greenwich, Connecticut-based private bank and wealth-advisory firm. “Funds were defensively positioned. Central bank action did bode well for equities and made for a more challenging environment for hedge funds.” Drunkenmiller…

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How Many Tulips Can You Buy With One Bitcoin?

Bitcoin’s sudden rise has people thinking about the ludicrous heights that tulips achieved in the Netherlands in the 1630s. At the peak of that bubble, a single tulip bulb could cost more than ten times a craftsman’s annual salary. While some of these prices were “justified” by market forces—the rarest breeds were enviable luxury goods—the…

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Chasing Noise

This is a rather complicated piece but the abstract does a very good job of summarising the papers content. We present a simple model in which rational but uninformed traders occasionally chase noise as if it were information, thereby amplifying sentiment shocks and moving prices away from fundamental values The notion of chasing noise as…

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Traditionally westerners equate activity with productive effort, as such the more noise and the more fuss you make the more productive you are. The same philosophy drifts into trading, as such trading becomes an activity-based endevour, which then migrates into entertainment. Research by W.B. Canoles, S.R. Thompson, S.H. Irwin, and V.G. France in their paper…

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Why Do People Fail?

When I was much younger I was introduced to the phrase that people fail because of the people they are and at the time I thought this was a bit harsh. My reasoning was that life does not deal everyone the same cards and in some ways I still hold that view. There is obvious…

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C. S. Lewis Reviews The Hobbit, 1937

The publishers claim that The Hobbit, though very unlike Alice, resembles it in being the work of a professor at play. A more important truth is that both belong to a very small class of books which have nothing in common save that each admits us to a world of its own—a world that seems to have…

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I am currently long the AMP China Capital China Growth Fund. The stated mandate of this fund is as follows – To achieve long term capital growth, with a focus on investing in China A shares. To outperform the S&P/CITIC 300 Total Return index (expressed in Australian dollar). The current chart looks like this.  …

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