As can be seen from the graphic below the local market has endured an extended period of under performance relative to other Western markets. Yet, its performance is largely in line with a handful of Asian markets.   It has long been my view that local investors unfortunately suffer from a Western- centric hangover – in…

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How Market Selloffs Happen

Why does investor panic suddenly take hold? Here, the fourth installment of a new Fortune series on how things spread. Twitter, the social media company that uses a bird for its corporate logo, was the canary in the coal mine. In early February, on a single day of trading, Twitter’s stock fell 24%, to $50 from…

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Being Young

One of the good things about being young is that you can trade stupidity for time – this is the strategic advantage of being young. The excess time you have remaining in your account enables you to recover from the majority of stupid things we  all do when we are young.  At the AIA conference…

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Its Friday

  I thought this little snippet belonged in the Its Friday section because surely being rewarded with a multi million dollar bonus for overseeing a financial planning division that committed wholesale fraud is taking the piss……isn’t it? This actually tells you all you need to know about the culture of Australian banks.

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I Am Clearly Missing Something

There is something in the rationale of people choosing hedge funds as a vehicle that I am not getting. The sales pitch must be amazingly slick or people are still captive to the false narrative that hedge funds are enrichment vehicles for someone other than the manager. Investors poured $70.9 billion into hedge funds in…

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Do Superstitious Traders Lose Money?

More than likely. The interesting thing about this piece is that whilst it is largely directed as the Chinese community and their approach to numerology and its perceived importance in decision making the same sort of irrationality applies universally. You need only pick up a copy of our local trading magazine Your Trading Edge to…

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What prompted this little piece was I was reviewing someones trading plan and one of the reasons they listed as wanting to trade was fun and my immediate thought was they are not long for this world. The problem with the notion of fun is that represents an emotional investment in the trading process. this…

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I Love (Insert Stock Name Here)

One of the things I find most intriguing about going to conferences is watching other speakers simply because their approach to the universe is so different to my own. Most go with the aim of confusing the attendees sufficiently that they believe the notion that said guru is indispensable and they must buy whatever they…

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Investors Pay for Hedge-Fund Illusions

In an earlier article for Bloomberg View, I described a danger facing investors: the put-option illusion. This is when investors, who tend to extrapolate too much from recent trends, are fooled into thinking that a string of good returns means an investment has very little risk. Often the risk is just lurking way out in the tail…

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