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Geeky Lecture On Exercise Science

Take home points for me – 1. Much of public health policy is based upon shaky evidence. It is my experience that is also true about nutritional recommendations as well – if you want to lose weight turn the traditional food pyramid upside down. 2. Response to exercise is very idiosyncratic. This has been my…

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2014 Porsche 911 Turbo

0 to 100 in 3.2 seconds which makes it just a shade slower to 100 than the current range of Ducati’s I have not been a fan of this car since I nearly punted one of them off the end of the Frankston freeway nearly 30 years ago. When I was told the new model…

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HFT Is Evil….So Says Charlie Munger

Funny thing is I thought that according to this group derivatives were the spawn of the devil……oh but thats right they are only the spawn of the devil is you lose money doing it. I would guess so to is taking billions in bail out money was also pretty bad but WTF…. And for a…

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Dr Tae – The Skateboarding Physicist

There is a bit of a chat going on within the current mentor program about the teaching of financial literacy within schools. I have no doubt this is probably a good thing but I would actually like them to get around to teaching actual literacy first. The discussion reminded me of this bloke – Dr…

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Gilligan And The Prediction Of Markets

With some folks now proclaiming that Google trends can predict markets…..after they have moved which does defeat the purpose of a prediction system I thought it worth revisiting something I wrote awhile ago about the idiocy of predictive systems. PS: Mary-Anne and Ginger included only for reminiscing. I have a new trading system and judging…

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Google Trends And Predicting Markets

There has been a story doing the rounds in the past week about researches demonstrating the efficacy of tracking key word searches to predict market direction. One news report proudly trumpeted that it was more effective than a stockbroker in making you rich, you can insert your own snarky remark about this. The use of…

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Self Herding

I have been rereading parts of Dan Ariely’s The Upside of Irrationality. For those who don’t know of Ariely and his work you can catch up with him on TED. One of the great cognitive biases we face as traders is the notion of herding – that is we run in groups. Institution’s are particularly…

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Porsche Cayman S

I thought I would post this for two reasons. Firstly, to illustrate the different approaches to selling at a high level here and in the US. Whilst, I have no doubt car salesman are dodgy the world over this is actually a reasonably slick video. Porsche dealers locally still have very limited interaction with their…

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