Why You Should Sit Up & Take Notice When Louise & Chris Speak . . .

Understand that the following information isn’t meant to sound like we have ‘Tickets on Ourselves’. It’s just that you have the right to know exactly who you’re dealing with. It’s fine to be skeptical and to look for evidence about whether we deserve to be trusted. Everything I’m about to tell you now let’s you know that we care about your trading future, and explains that we want you to be the best trader you can be.

REASON 1: We’ve Been Trading Since The Dinosaurs Roamed Your Backyard . . .

Well.. Almost. Between the two of us, we have nearly 50 years of experience. We don’t want you to go through every aching step that we had to go through. We’ve slashed the learning curve of thousands of traders and we can do the same for you. The strategies and techniques we share can be implemented are current. See what others have to say about the success we have lead them towards on our pages and pages of Rave Reviews.

People, like Peter Hunt, stick like glue to our methods, and have done for over a decade – because they damn well work!

Peter took action, and is revelling in the rewards!

“The support Chris and Louise have offered, their reputation in the sharemarket, and their knowledge about the most current techniques and strategies about making money regardless of the sharemarket conditions is unprecedented. They will put you in touch with some of the most powerful trading tools available to traders today. Thanks so much for the impact you have had on my life.”

Peter Hunt, Business Manager of Ballarat Grammar, Ballarat

REASON 2: People Love Us!

Personally, I am one of Australia’s best-selling author’s on the sharemarket. I’ve stayed at the top of the charts for nearly a decade. I’ve also been quoted in more Australian share trading books than any other trader. Chris published one of the first EVER books on trading in Australia and is still known for his sparkling clarity about market trends.

“So What?” you say.

Well, I can tell you that this is a big deal. The second largest publishing house on the planet – Wiley, don’t just publish anyone’s work. You have to prove you’re the best person for the job, and to maintain best-selling status with Wiley means that we’ve helped a heck of a lot of people along the way.

People know we tell it like it is and they love it. We’ve been quoted in the Financial Review, Herald Sun, Shares magazine, Personal Investor magazine, and a bunch of other republications too numerous to run through here. We’ve presented for every professional share trading body in Australia, including the SFE, ATAA, WISDOM, AIS, and the ASA.

Let me tell you, if you’re going to walk on the stage for these groups, you’ve got to know your stuff! People can’t get enough of our work, and devour every word so they can apply our techniques. This isn’t just by accident. Our people know our methods work, whether the market is going up, down or sideways.

REASON 3: Steal Our Ideas. . . We Want You To

We actually pull back the curtain and show you how it really is to trade effectively and be a full-time trader. Some traders keep their methods locked up tight and are so stingy with sharing. It just about makes your eyes pop out.

We want you to pinch our methods.

It will absolutely blow you away just how much of ‘us’ we give to you. To our knowledge, (and we’ve done a lot of research), we can’t find anyone who has created more successful traders in Australia than we have. Our people are addicted to our methods. Many of our traders have become our fellow authors, successful brokers, and full-time ‘life-style specialists’ as a direct result of our training. People like Justine Pollard and Kell Butcher are authors that have been former students. We love seeing our people succeed.

Don’t You Think You Deserve Incredible Trading Results?

“Because of the principles you’ve taught me, I’ve now been able to travel around the world, as a sort of nomadic trader. I lived in Miami for a while and while on the road traded from locations ranging from parks in Milan and Rome through to Starbucks in London, Paris & beyond. I’m now living in Singapore for a while, with Shanghai next on the list, followed by Rio for a trading base next year, but hey, who knows? I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve taught me about trading and the difference it has made to my life.”

Rob McDonald, full-time nomadic trader and traveller

REASON 4: We Are Always On The Hunt For New Kick-Ass Trading Methods

We are both ferocious readers, and continually devour new information. Also, we regularly fraternise with the top traders in the Australia. This hones our skills with laser focus so our trader can achieve results that are exceptional.

Fight Back!
You don’t have to put up with overpaid, fund managers who don’t get the results with your money that you deserve.

Over the years, we’ve rubbed shoulders with the most consistent and most respected traders from both Australia and overseas. We’ve shared techniques with them, and we can speed up your entire learning process. Instead of spending years learning how to do this, and building the contacts to assist you, we can get you up and running in just a few months.

REASON 5: We’ve Traded Our Own Money In The Valleys, As Well As The Peaks

We’ve seen boom times and crashes, and helped people to trade profitably no matter what the market is doing.

There is little that we’re seeing today that we haven’t seen before. Compare this with the majority of educators. Most have only ever experienced bull markets, and even then, most were out of their depth.

REASON 6: We Can Show You How to Write Your Own Trading Plan

It’s our goal to put money into share traders’ pockets and make it stick, even if they only have 30-minutes a day available, and limited knowledge about trading. Following a written trading plan can make all the difference.

So, why do we take training others in how to trade profitably so seriously?

Because people’s lives depend on it. We’ve seen people’s lives transformed, all because of the cash flow that comes into their households from the sharemarket. We never take chances when someone’s life is on the line.

Chris and I both work from our homes, never more than a few hours a day. and spend the rest of the time doing exactly what we want to. For me, it involves a lot of goofing around with my young family, and going out to lunch with the girls and laughing until I can’t breathe at their jokes, to the point cafe owners want to throw us out, I’m sure.

We can teach you how to tailor-make your own life as well, so that someone else isn’t always yanking your chain.

Isn’t it time you got serious about creating a terrific lifestyle?

REASON 7: We Are Passionate About Your Success

There’s nothing we enjoy more than seeing the lights go on for a new trader, or seeing an experienced trader kick some butt in the markets. It’s what gives us our kicks!

Louise says: “Excellent traders are ready for action.” We love grooming people to take control of their lives, and watching them experience the delight that true freedom can bring. We adore training people to trade. Plus, we’re damned good at it!

The people we’ve trained over the years are now our friends, having coffee with us in the middle of the day, travelling around the world, and developing lifestyle that others think is only for the chosen few.


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