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Here We Go Again….

Trading is a difficult profession – its difficulty comes not so much from mastering the technical aspects since these are always overstated by the magic indicator fools but rather in coming to terms with the psychological and emotional difficulties that arise. In part, these difficulties arise because of perceptions as to how easy trading is…

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Inside the Greatest Trade of All Time

There are many worthwhile candidates on Wall Street for the Greatest Trade of All Time. There’s Jesse Livermore’s bet that the stock market would fall in 1929. He pocketed something like $100 million in profit, akin to $1.5 billion today. There is George Soros’ 1992 bet that the British pound would fall against a basket…

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Bill Ackman: Getting Back Up

Here are a few highlights from our conversation: I think of philanthropy as something that is not genetic, it is learned, and it was something that my dad reinforced pretty much from the time I was a kid. I’ve always had this view that success is not a straight line up. If you read the stories of…

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Most Successful Chimp on Wall Street.

Raven, a six-year-old chimpanzee, became the 22nd most successful money manager in the USA after choosing her stocks by throwing darts at a list of 133 internet companies. The chimp created her own index, dubbed MonkeyDex, and in 1999 delivered a 213 per cent gain, outperforming more than 6,000 professional brokers on Wall Street. More…

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The Mentor Program is Your Next Step

  Chris Tate and Louise Bedford’s 6-month, repeat-for-free Mentor Program will help you develop a fabulous trading lifestyle, where you call the shots. To get involved, register for Priority Notification. Yes, there’s a waiting list. Yes, a lot of people miss out every year. The only way to get involved is to stick up your hand…

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Stupidest Answer On Google

So for some strange reason ( blame lockdown ), I found myself wondering about the origin of the word stochastic, so I fired up Google and underneath what I was looking for I got the following. So, third in line after me looking up the origin of the word stochastic appears the age-old chestnut about…

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If Ever You Needed A Reason To Only Trust Yourself

Macquarie Group has paid $6 million to settle a five-year legal dispute with Ballarat businessman Brendan James who accused its investment advisers of artificially inflating the price of a small mining company and encouraging him to buy more shares when it proved to be worthless. An adviser at the nation’s largest investment bank then sold…

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