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Trading Conversations with Ray Barros

Phillip Teo of TraderWave (our breakfast friend Singapore) talks to Ray Barros. I have always enjoyed listening to Ray. In the dim dark recesses of my mind I have a recollection of us sharing a stage decades and decades ago. He sees parts of the world a little differently to me but there is always…

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Ed Boyden on Minding your Brain (Ep. 64)

Ed Boyden builds the tools and technologies that help researchers think about and treat the brain, an organ we still know surprisingly little about. When it comes to how our brains make decisions, form emotions, and exhibit consciousness, there is still a lot we can learn. But just as fascinating as the tools Boyden and…

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The Passion Paradox

Brad Stulberg is a writer, performance coach, and coauthor (with Steve Magness) of an intriguing new book on the role of passion at the workplace in beyond—specifically, the ways in which it can be a double-edged sword. The book, The Passion Paradox, draws on scientific research and personal stories to illuminate how to discover and cultivate…

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At last, Brexit explained in two words: Basil Fawlty

In a crumbling edifice, a farce plays out. The hapless central character fawns on an aristocrat who turns out to be a conman. He then fails to disguise his unease when confronted with his European neighbours, doesn’t bother to mask a thorough contempt for the Irish, and enters a love-hate relationship with ostentatiously wealthy Americans.…

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Classic Desert Island Discs: Ricky Gervais

Another chance to listen to the comedian, Ricky Gervais speaking to Kirsty Young in 2007. In just twelve episodes, his show The Office changed the face of British television comedy. At its centre was the comic monster, David Brent, a middle-manager being filmed for a mock-documentary who saw the ever-present cameras as his route to…

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Survivor Bias Silliness

Survivor bias is a perennial problem in systems testing. Put simply survivor bias is  the logical fallacy of ascribing a value to something that has past a given bench mark or hurdle by virtue of longevity. In doing so you overlook those things that have disappeared along the way. For example lets assume I was…

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Why do we bother with stock market forecasts?

“Forecasting: the attempt to predict the unknowable by measuring the irrelevant; this task employs most people on Wall Street.” (Brilliant description – wish I had thought of it) The words of Jason Zweig, author of the Devil’s Financial Dictionary, are particularly apt at this time of year. We hear a lot from financial forecasters every…

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Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds

The economist J.K. Galbraith once wrote, “Faced with a choice between changing one’s mind and proving there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy with the proof.” Leo Tolstoy was even bolder: “The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow-witted man if he has not formed any idea of…

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The Aging Athlete

Trail running has long been my happy place.  Actually, any form of running enables me to start my day invigorated and ready to go. Regular exercise associates with many upsides.  Exercising so that we can live longer is a draw for a few.  Most master athletes I have met exercise because they have to.  They…

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Final Thoughts – Trader of the Year

IF I WAS TO FRONT up to your doorstep carrying a huge ‘Trader of the Year’ trophy, what would your reaction be? Would you feel worthy of accepting this award because you’re a disciplined, consistent trader? Or, would you hang your head in shame? It’s up to you to give yourself your own accolades as…

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