Why Is It So Hard?

I got flicked an article from a few weeks ago from the AFR that was titled Brace for 5pc super fund returns and the cynic in me instantly assumed that the majority of funds were going to lift their returns to 5%. For some, this would mean doubling their long term rate of return which…

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The Life-Changing Magic of Having ‘Enough’

My dream was to write one book. A real, published book. For years, that was my vision of success. It took a long apprenticeship, but it happened. I sold my first book at age 25. And then, almost immediately, it became clear in my mind that — you know what? — real success is writing a bestselling book. Before…

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My Chat With Bull Bear Traders

Recently I had an early morning chat with William Hathaway from Bull Bear Traders One of the interesting things about trading is the number of universal principles that underly successful trading. At first glance it may appear that trading US stock intraday is very different from trading commodities and indices from Melbourne. But as William…

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Sniff Out Hidden Profits

To get into the Mentor Program, you need to register for Priority Notification. Make a pact with yourself now that no matter what the economy is doing, you’re determined to become an ultra-versatile trader capable of sniffing out hidden profits in the sharemarket. It’s that’s what you’re after, we can show you how to get…

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Why the Anglo World is Collapsing

Every age has a dunce. A society, or set of societies, that just don’t get it. They don’t learn history’s lessons. They don’t progress — they stagnate, and then regress, clinging desperately to failing ideologies, grasping at dead, obsolete ideas like a drowning person grasps at flotsam. But history’s tide is unforgiving. It cares little…

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Innovating in Bets

Every organization, whether small or big, early or late stage — and every individual, whether for themselves or others — makes countless decisions every day, under conditions of uncertainty. The question is, are we allowing that uncertainty to bubble to the surface, and if so, how much and when? Where does consensus, transparency, forecasting, backcasting,…

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First Systematic Study Of The Advice People Would Give To Their Younger Selves

Reporting their findings in The Journal of Social Psychology Robin Kowalski and Annie McCord at Clemson University have done just that in two surveys of hundreds of participants on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk website. Their findings show that people’s advice to their younger selves is overwhelmingly focused on prior relationships, educational opportunities and personal worth, echoing similar results…

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If You’re Not Outside Your Comfort Zone, You’re Not Learning

Not knowing what’s going to happen next is generally stressful. Uncertainty signals that you’re unsure of your environment, your skills, or both. But uncertainty also signals the brain to kickstart learning, new Yale research published in the journal Neuron has found. That means crazy, unstable situations might be uncomfortable, but they’re also essential if you want to make the most…

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Why Have I Not Heard More About This Lad?

Mubasshir Murshed, fondly known as “Mub” by his friends, is a 17-year-old mathematics genius who has been given the rare honour, for someone of his age, of being published in a national academic journal. His achievement sounds complicated for the uninitiated — he has written an equation that proves “why a parabola is the only…

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There But For One Man……

On September 26, 1983, the planet came terrifyingly close to a nuclear holocaust. The Soviet Union’s missile attack early warning system displayed, in large red letters, the word “LAUNCH”; a computer screen stated to the officer on duty, Soviet Lt. Col. Stanislav Petrov, that it could say with “high reliability” that an American intercontinental ballistic missile…

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