Watching People Tells You So Much

I enjoy watching people – from afar off course because their actions tell you so much about both them and their lives. For example I have just returned from my local shopping centre which was packed to the rafters with people who had obviously just woken up and realised that tomorrow is Mothers Day and…

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Apparently The Miners Are To Blame

Whilst heading back from the gym this morning I heard on the radio that the local market was eyeing off a 10 year high ( a good thing) due to a surge in demand for local miners (perhaps). Naturally I decided to have a look at the comparative performance of the big five local miners…

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Not All Indices Are Created Equal

I have been playing around with the comparative returns from various local indices – this is what happens in Melbourne when the weather turns to shit and I get bored. It has long been known or at least should be that market selection is a cornerstone of effective trading. One of the reasons why domestic…

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Love Yourself Anyway

“DO YOU REALLY think you can be a full-time trader? I don’t think it’s something any woman has done before.” But, I continued to love myself anyway. “You realise you’re making a fool of yourself by writing a book?” But, I continued to love myself anyway. “Your husband will start to feel inadequate if you…

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A Serious Warning

  BE CAREFUL ABOUT being too much of a chameleon. So often, we blend with the person we love, and carve off and discard little pieces of ourselves to fit in. We think of ourselves as selfish if we need ‘alone time’, or if we request help. We fear being thought of as a taker.…

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Favourite Experience

I DIDN’T OPEN MY umbrella because I could feel the smallest of all raindrops caressing my face, and landing in my hair, as gentle as the stroke of a lover. When I walked faster, the raindrops were more distinct and touched my face more firmly. When I slowed down, the raindrops were less distinct, softer…

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10 Things You Didn’t Know

SO OFTEN WHEN I’m interviewed, or when a trader meets me for the first time, they’ll comment on how I’m exactly the same in real life as I am in my books. This fills me with warmth, because I do honour authenticity. You get to see me warts and all in this newsletter. I invite…

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Well Thats Confusing……

I grabbed the image below from Investors Business Daily I took the image because I wanted to highlight two sections for you. It probably amazes equity analysts that traders/investors with critical thinking skills find them laughable. While traders/investors with critical thinking skills find people who dont find them laughable simply moronic. How could this profession be…

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You Think They Would Have Thought Of That

A few weeks ago LB and I had to trot into town for the day for a meeting and since I dont do public transport for reasons that should be obvious to anyone who has caught public transport I decided to drive and park. Since I am little bit compulsive in my planning I looked…

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Ray Dalio – Principles Part Two

I had made an exhaustive study of recessions so that I could form a timeless picture of an archetypal recession and then understand the difference among them. I did that for all economic and market movements and was inclined to do it for just about everything, because it helps me understand how things work. One…

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