Companies Are Stupid

Given that they are run by people it shouldn’t be any surprise…..  J F C Fuller did not invent the tank. That distinction should probably fall to E L de Mole, an Australian who approached the British war office in 1912 with a design that was — in the words of historians Kenneth Macksey and…

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People Are Stupid

A new study has found more than 250 people have died in pursuit of a perfect selfie. The study published by the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care journal (and republished by the National Library of Medicine in the States) looks into how many of us social media obsessed plebs are dying for the ‘gram. Led by…

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The Pet Rock Brigade Are Back

One of the things that most surprised me when I moved into finance as a profession (I use the term loosely) was the stunning lack of evidence for most of the things that were spoken about. My observation was that this lack of substantiation seemed to be a vertically integrated industry. Nobel Prizes were handed…

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Career Hot Streaks Can Happen at Any Age

In science, 1905 is known as the annus mirabilis, or “miracle year,” the period when Albert Einstein, at the age of 26, published several discoveries that changed physics forever. By the summer of that year he’d explained Brownian motion, discovered the photoelectric effect (for which he won a Nobel Prize), and developed the theory of…

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Your IQ Matters Less Than You Think

At last some good news……. People too often forget that IQ tests haven’t been around that long. Indeed, such psychological measures are only about a century old. Early versions appeared in France with the work of Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon in 1905. However, these tests didn’t become associated with genius until the measure moved…

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TV For Hedge Fund Hopefuls

Kieran O’Dea rises at 5 a.m. to begin his daily routine, shuffling to his desk to eye his portfolio: a cluster of biotechnology stocks and a bet that Tesla will go bust. Then he pulls up the latest video on Real Vision, the start-up financial video service that promotes the trading ideas and insights of hedge…

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What makes a great leader? – Michael Yardney

I was watching former US President Barack Obama speak at a global event the other week, and I was struck by how charismatic he was. Whatever you think of the Obama administration’s time in office, there’s no getting past his mastery of language and the stage presence he possesses. Some people have this in spades,…

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Speak from your scars

IT’S ALWAYS EASIER to speak from your scars, rather than your open wounds. I know you’re in the thick of your own problem and that you ache with uncertainty about what the next step should be. I remember ‘the yearn’ to trade and the old expectations about my career that I hung onto, bound to…

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Why Journal?

PEOPLE OFTEN QUESTION why I keep a Morning Journal. I dedicate regular journaling time to keep my thoughts in order, banish demons, and gain trading clarity. I think you’ll find a lot of other successful people follow this habit as well. Leonardo da Vinci filled tens of thousands of pages with sketches and musings on…

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Don’t Fall Into Empty

FILL UP YOUR CAR, your body and your mind with fuel before it’s an emergency. Don’t fall into empty. The frantic panic you’ll feel when you’re running on empty just isn’t worth it. Don’t be so totally distraught with your job before you take the action to learn about the markets to win your freedom.…

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The Wisdom of Tate

CHRIS TATE OFFERS A crazy blend of harsh life advice, and raw trading tips. Here are some quotes I feel will set you up beautifully for the month: “Avoid the noise. Seek the trend”. “There is an infinite number of potential trades for you”. “There is no nexus between volatility and trend”. “If it does…

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Why We Don’t Follow Through

In the summer of 1830, Victor Hugo was facing an impossible deadline. Twelve months earlier, the French author had promised his publisher a new book. But instead of writing, he spent that year pursuing other projects, entertaining guests, and delaying his work. Frustrated, Hugo’s publisher responded by setting a deadline less than six months away.…

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