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I have posted this before but I am still staggered at the amount of intellectual capacity captured in a single photograph. For interest sake Marie Curie is only one of three people to have been awarded the Nobel Prize twice and the only person to win it in two separate disciplines. I dont count Linus Pauling…

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Just when I thought something really really interesting was going to happen……nothing. Oh well maybe tomorrow. I have to admit I do like congesting markets simply because they tell you so much.

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Drawdowns And Resilience

There are two things that I regard as permanent fixtures of trading – drawdowns and the need for resilience. People come to trading all bright and enthusiastic with the belief that their equity will resemble a lunar launch – it will go straight up and never come down. When this magical state of affairs does…

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I have a view that we never really had a true mining boom – we have a mining infrastructure boom which is a very different thing. This infrastructure boom was predicated on a small upswing in demand from China – it was not based upon an explosion in commodities prices which would have been symptomatic…

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8 Tech Companies That Turned Down Huge Buyouts

I caught a news snippet the other day that said that Rovio the makers of Angry Birds, the game that has kept teenagers and executives alike amused whilst sitting on the toilet had struck a little bit of a hiccup and I remembered that in 2011 they were offered $2.25 billion for the company. This…

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How to Win the Loser’s Game, Part 1

This short doco is part of an ongoing series that on the strength of the first episode appears to be well worth subscribing to.       My favourite bit – Typical of the reports produced on this subject is this one by the Pensions Institute, based at Cass Business School in London. Researchers examined…

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Really…..You Think That Works Do You?

My wife does yoga, which if you met her family you would realise that is not the only form of mental illness  her family. Some of the people she does yoga with are prone to what I would call demented magical thinking. You know the type, we never went to the moon, the contrails planes generate at…

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Watch Out September Is Here….Well….Maybe Not

Apparently, the world ends for stockmarkets in September a fact that will no doubt be picked up and repeated by our local finance news peanuts without giving any thought to what they are copying. So I thought I would fire up the old dodgy spreadsheet and see if there were any seasonal differences between the…

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Understanding Better How People Really Make Choices

He highlighted an experiment he carried out some time ago at his university where half of the students were given a chit saying they were entitled to a pencil and half did not. The two groups could trade as buyers and sellers. While traditional economic theory said the market should clear with half the pencils…

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Investment Trend: Are Classic Cars Overtaking Art?

Even though the Ferrari 250 GTO, recently auctioned by Bonhams during the week of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, didn’t reach the sums speculated but instead sold for ‘only’ 38 million dollars, the growth trend in the classic car market has certainly not lost momentum. On the contrary, more and more people are interested in…

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Is America Dreaming?: Understanding Social Mobility

Brookings Fellow Richard Reeves explores inequality and opportunity in America with Legos, using them to explain the chances for economic success of Americans born at the bottom of the economic ladder. Reeves shows the chances that the poorest fifth of Americans have to rise to the top, based on their race, the marital status of…

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