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The Man Who Lost $8 Billion

Employees—down to the secretaries and limo driver—started calculating their bonuses. Because of Hunter’s profits, the firm had earned money to divvy up at the end of the year. The largest bonus by far went to Hunter, with the farm-country boy from Calgary netting a bonus of $113 million. More here – SALON

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Italians and their friggen electricals. Seriously, the bloke who invented the damned battery was an Italian and they still cannot get it right….. Not mine but you get the idea – it was dark when mine was towed out of LB’s driveway.

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Its Friday

And time for a musical interlude….. Rodrigo Y Gabriela plays Pink Floyd’s – Wish you were here at Glastonbury 2007 Brilliant cover version of Voodoo Chilli by a Korean musician who is not that retard Psy (aka 2013’s Macarena) If you are not old enough to remember either of these two then I pity you…..

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Meet the Most Indebted Man in the World

The Atlantic – He can earn million-dollar gains without anybody knowing. He can execute make-believe trades by sending fake emails from hacked computers. He doesn’t always lose money. But when he does, he loses more than $6 billion. He is …the most indebted man in the world. Jérôme Kerviel is learning one of life’s harsher…

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All Men Lead Lives Of Quiet Desperation

Sunday saw the mid point of our current Mentor Program – at this gathering I get up and drone on about my philosophy of the trading world. One of the points I try to get across is the notion that activity does not equal profitability and that intriguingly the main motivation for trading for a…

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How Do You Go From $1.8Billion In The Bank To SFA?

Bloomberg.…How do you sell the technology company you founded for $1.8 billion and five years later file for personal bankruptcy? For Halsey Minor, it may have been a fascination with houses, hotels, horses and art. Minor, 47, who sold CNET Networks Inc. (3549162Q) to CBS Corp. (CBS) in 2008, says he owes as much as $100 million…

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Stop It

Tomorrow I begin my section of the mentor program and i thought it would be valuable to post up the best trading psychology video I have come across. This will serve the new mentorees well in their dealings with me and will change the course of their trading and their lives dramatically.

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YTD Returns

Recently, I have seen some YTD returns and thought I would collate some of the more interesting ones into a dodgy table. The stand out performer is undoubtedly the Nikkei. Its amazing what you can do to an index when you attempt to do at least something to address inter generational economic problems. From my…

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