A Smart Person

Given the modern media’s obsession with foisting absolute cretins on us  who were are supposed to revere in some odd quasi religious manner I thought it might be worthwhile to start the year off with a smart person who is actually doing something. As opposed to being famous for being a dickhead. CAMBRIDGE, Mass. —…

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With Kodak tettering on the edge of oblivion I wonder what the execs at Kodak said when they first saw a digital camera. Probably something along the lines of that will never catch on. The interesting this is that despite Kodak going the way of the dinosaur people seemed to be willing to buy the…

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Interesting Read

I am not certain I agree 100% with everything being said but the overall thrust is positive. The emphasis added is mine. Charles Hugh Smith Readers often ask me to post something hopeful, and I understand why: doom-and-gloom gets tiresome. Human beings need hope just as they need oxygen, and the destruction of the Status…

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Rewriting History

This article has apparently been around for some time but I have only just stumbled across it (note to self pay more attention) Apparently the I/B/E/S database that is maintained by Thompson Reuters is subject to extensive rewrites designed to portray analysts in a much better light. Comparing two snapshots of the entire I/B/E/S analyst…

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Neat Summary.

If you want a neat encapsulation of how financial markets work and the inanity of much of what goes on and the post-dictive rationalisation that everyone employs. Then you should treat yourself to a New Years present from KAL a cartoonist for Economist

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What A Dick

Its funny how things never really change – I used to know people like this in the 1980s when I was a broker. In fact it was decision to try and throw one of them out of a window that made me seriously consider my career in the sell side of finance. Did I mention…

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So What Are You Going To Do In the New Year?

I am not a big motivational type of guy – in fact I think that motivational speaking is largely a load of bollocks. It is a akin to loading a two year old every preservative known to mankind and then watching them zoom around like a fly in a bottle. However, I think people who…

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“Can you eat gold? No. You can eat and barter Spam” Nouriel Roubini, economist, Dec 14 2011 I do note that bread may actually have been a better investment than Gold as well. In 1980 the average cost of a generic loaf in Victoria was $0.54 – today this price can be as high as…

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