S&P500 Futures

Following on from chart last night – Which showed a nice little gap up, this is how the market finished up. You can see the open at 1336, with a high of 1336.50 and then the drop away. A nasty little day for those looking for anything positive.

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The main Spanish index the IBEX had rallied last week and in the early morning session looked at if that rally would continue with the market nudging 7000. However, this rally soon collapsed as shown below. The market quickly went from a euphoric opening gain to close down 35. This seems to sum up the…

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Flash Crash And Other Cock Ups

A little piece that looks at the impact of HFT . It doesn’t add anything new other than offering a more personal narrative. Although the book by the author Scott Patterson might be interesting to drop onto the tablet. As a counterpoint this article places the blame for the Facebook debacle squarely on the shoulders…

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I am a dedicated user of Amazon. I have found the lure of an Aussie at/above parity, an enormous selection and not having to deal with local half waits who should have been drowned at birth too much to resist. However, even I was staggered by some of these numbers. Source

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Euro 2012

Apparently, Euro 2012 is this year. You know that sport where massively over paid prima donnas go down at the slightest touch only to make a Lazurus like recovery. As opposed to athletes who are paid less but seem to be more resilient. In an attempt to avoid a drop in stock market trading volume…

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When fighters go to ground some MMA matches can be as exciting as watching two sloths go the grope in the back of a Morris Elite. This however, is not one of those.

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Still Sideways

Despite the euphoria of those who are proclaiming the worst is over on the back of a single positive day – this chart is enlightening. Sometimes it is worthwhile removing as much noise from the chart as possible., Until we break this range one way or another I am not convinced about anything……

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The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out

I dug this out of my archive of stuff. Feynman is one of my academic hero’s. In a world seemingly filled to the brim with the worship of the ordinary and the stupid. I think  it is essential to remind ourselves that there have been people who were neither stupid nor ordinary. If you dont…

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Least Value

Neat graphic from Bloomberg on the relative value that CEO’s bring to financial organisations. It pretty much tracks a study I read in the 1980’s which stated quite bluntly that the worst performing companies have the highest paid executives.

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