The Mind And Cancer

This is an interesting episode from the ABC’s Health Report. Long story made short – the way you think doesn’t give you cancer and the way you think about your cancer once you have it doesn’t determine or influence your survival. Somewhat puts a hole in all those dickheads who post in social media, although…

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Bull Market Length

Here are two charts I snipped from Bespoke – those folks who generate massive numbers of metrics very few of which I understand. Whenever, I come across something like this the first question I ask is does it in some way assist in the trading process. Trading is an information management profession – everyday we are…

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The End Of The World Is Coming

During my sabbatical I got bounced the video below – it only goes for about 90 seconds so its easy to get through. If you are under the age of 25 cannot concentrate for more than 90 seconds the general gist of the story is that the current market looks exactly like 1929 and the…

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Take One Step Forward And Two Steps Back.

Once again Michael Pascoe gets it right. I worked in broking for years and two things amazed me. Firstly, how little brokers know about markets. They have a lot of platitudes in their sales arsenal but very few have a deep understanding of how the market actually works. Secondly, it is the most self interested…

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10 Trading Tips to Fuel Your Profits

Hi, I’m Caroline Stephen. I’m the host of the Talking Trading radio show at Each week I bring you free interviews so that you can hear what the movers and shakers are doing and trading in today’s markets. If you haven’t registered on that website yet, what in the heck are you waiting for?…

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