Real Life Trading: Interview with Chris Tate

Here’s what Jeremy Newsome had to say about this podcast. Chris Tate is a world renown trader who is part of the enriching mission. He teams up with Louise Bedford [who is in this interview] and explains some gorgeous concepts and drops many insightful knowledge bombs in this deliberate, intense and focused interview.

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Emotions & Your Finances.

Bestselling author Louise Bedford shares her thoughts on how your emotions can affect your finances, including:

  • Why scared money never wins
  • How to assess credibility of an investment before handing over your money
  • What female traders do differently, that can make them more successful than men, and
  • How to seek out quality education to improve your decision making and understanding of markets.

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Becoming A Profitable Trader by Working on Yourself!

Love this latest video podcast featuring Chris Tate and Etienne Crete. You’ll the specifics about what makes the big, bald bloke tick, and pick up some tips about how to drive strength into your trading. Click here

Real Life Trading Interview with Louise Bedford

Here’s what Jerremy Newsome has to say about this podcast: “Far out – I think I’m in love! (From a trading perspective, of course). Trading royalty, Louise Bedford shows how she raids the markets, and avoids shark bites (at 13:47 mins) in this revealing interview. Then she grills me over my own personal trading methods mercilessly (at 22:38 mins). Click here

Trading Nuts Interview with Louise Bedford

Want to know how to pick solid candle patterns? Watch Louise Bedford’s revealing video, as featured on the Trading Nut podcast. You’ll see her working live without a net, and pick up delicious analysis techniques to enhance your trading right now. Click here

Trading Nuts Unite

Louise Bedford was interviewed on the podcast, and what a thrill it was. If you love the Talking Trading podcast, you’ll love the Trading Nut podcast too.  Listen to this exceptional, in-depth interview right now.

Trading Mentors and Louise Bedford

Louise says: I’m so happy to be featured in Philip Teo’s new book – Trading Mentors. This exceptional book, Trading Mentors, is your short cut. It’s a collection of wisdom from world-class traders. If you want to save time, effort and more importantly money, then it is imperative you learn the lessons in this book.

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Your Trading Edge Magazine, featuring Louise

Every edition, for the past 20 years, Louise has written an article for the Your Trading Edge magazine. Check out one of them here



Australian Financial Review

Louise Bedford was quoted in the Australian Financial Review newspaper recently.



Equity Mates interview Louise

Bryce and Alec interviewed Louise Bedford on their 100th  ‘Equity Mates podcast’ episode. Just wait until you hear her little ‘heated debate’ with one of them about the right length of time a trade should take… Oooh… nice to have a professional difference of opinion… click here

YMag and Louise

Louise says: I’m so excited to be featured in the latest edition of Ymag this month. I adore this magazine, and it’s such an honour to be involved. It’s an inspiring read this month. I sat down and read it cover to cover. You can check out their Facebook page, click here

Chris and Louise present at IFTA

Louise Bedford and Chris Tate presented at the prestigious IFTA conference in Malaysia. The International Federation of Technical Analysts is the key trading group world-wide for our industry.

Louise is a hit at the Online Trading Summit

Louise says: “So pleased to hear that so many people were keen on hearing about candlesticks and volatility at the Online Trading Summit. Happy to be scored so highly as well!”

Louise on another world-renowned podcast

Watch Louise Bedford’s fascinating video interview on Etienne Crete’s podcast ‘Desire to Trade’. Hear about about how to cut it as a trader, in this very competitive field. Click here