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Money Magazine: The Women’s Issue

See Louise Bedford featured in Money Magazine. “A devastating medical condition set Louise Bedford, author of five books on the stockmarket, podcaster and behavioural finance expert, on a new wealth-creating path…”


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Traders of Money

You need to develop a robust strategy for uncertain times. Maintaining high performance over the long term can be difficult, but in this interview with Jordon Mellor, Louise talks about how to bounce back from financial challenges and setbacks, and how to maintain your financial performance over the long term.


Hear Louise and Amie Baker unpack the importance of having a long-term view as well as setting short term goals. Be inspired by this episode of Centsability. – Tackle Trading Bias

In this podcast with Louise and Creed Moor, you’ll learn about specific actions to overcome those nagging negative voices in your head, plus some ways to incorporate these into your everyday life.

Women investors take adversity in their stride

Women are entering their pre-retirement years with less money than men but many are correcting the imbalance through active investment. Louise shared her views in this fascinating article in the Australian Financial Review.

On the Couch

What a pleasure to be interviewed by Henry Jennings, the host of the ‘On the Couch’ podcast. We talked about candlesticks, trading psychology and what it takes to be a profitable trader. We cover the state of the markets, and what’s happening with the volatility levels around the world.

Personal Financial Strategy

Find out how behavioural finance affects your trading results and psychological well-being on the Personal Financial Strategy show with Louise Bedford and Tony King.

The Power of ‘No’

How to build your confidence, take on new challenges, and free up your life. Listen to this episode and develop the confidence you need to excel in trading. Click here to watch.

Hot Or Not?

You’ll love this macro view about what’s happening in the markets right now. James Whelan from The BIP Show podcast and Louise Bedford discuss the 3 Hot Sectors likely to lead the next bull run, and 3 Cold Sectors that you must avoid at all costs. Click here to watch.

The Neil Coutts Show

Louise talks with Neil about:

  • When the bubble technique can help shelter you from family members
  • The importance of breaking down your goal into building blocks
  • One of Louise’s top ever scanning tips
  • The importance of skill set building blocks
  • The corrosive impact of self-doubt
  • How siblings can sometimes drive you absolutely crazy

Click here to watch.

Femme Finance

This interview with Emma Hall and Louise Bedford will help you style your money scripts to pass on to the next generation, explain how women can get into the driving seat of their own finances, and tell you why having an open conversation with your spouse about money can make all the difference. Click here.

Long Term Trader Success

This interview with Etienne Crete from the Desire To Trade Podcast  podcast with Chris Tate will challenge you. Chris has re-adjusted his trading to focus on capturing moves on higher timeframes. He is a big fan of the weekly chart and you’re about to hear why. Click here to listen now.

Smart Women in Business

This interview with Jane McKay from the Smart Women in Business podcast is one of the most raw and significant interviews Louise Bedford has ever conducted. We cover some incredibly sensitive topics such as asking for a payrise, what to do if you’re being harassed at work, and how to make sure you advocate for your colleagues. Click here to listen now.

Interview with David Pasqualone

David and Louise catch up and discuss their latest news, digital currencies, NFTs, and why it’s important to demand more from your employer. Hear Louise’s views about why you are worth more. Click here to listen now.

Lift-Off – Energising Results

Hear Louise being interviewed on the Lift-Off – Energising Results podcast. Uwe Dockhorn is the host of this show and is an inspiring interviewer. If you want to get goosebumps now, listen and then share this episode with your loved ones.
Click here to watch.

Work Wife Wine Time

Hear Louise being interviewed on the Work Wine Wife podcast about why decisions made in a hot state may not suit you when you cool down. If you want to laugh, cry, know you’re not alone and learn strategies others use to cope in all aspects of running a business, then this is the podcast for you.
Click here to watch.

Create a Mindset for Success

A lot of the toughest battles are won in the mind, so having a mindset that will be able to get you through the ups and downs of share trading (and property) is crucial! So how do you navigate the risks and form a mindset that will ensure your success?
In this interview with The Investor Lab podcast and Goose McGrath, Louise will tell you exactly how to accomplish this.
Click here to watch now.

How To Trade It Podcast

Louise says: “It was great being interviewed by Casey Stubbs on his How To Trade It podcast. We talk about the importance of taking control of your financial future, creating trading success habits, and how to excel as a high performance trader.” Click here to watch the interview about great habits and trading success.

Real Life Trading

Louise says: “It was fabulous working with Tracy Ball and Dan Jansen on their Real Life Trading podcast. We talked about the early years, the desire to succeed, overcoming hurdles, and what it takes to make real money in the markets. I loved every minute of it and I know you will too”. Click here to watch.

Got What it Takes?

Join Louise Bedford as she chats with Cameron Reilly and Tony Kynaston on the QAV podcast. They talk about gender differences when it comes to trading and investing, and what it takes to be a successful long term investor. Click here to watch.

Freedom Through Share Trading

Louise was so excited to be interviewed by the fabulous Samantha Riley on her podcast. What a fantastic conversation. They talked about the importance of internal motivators, what it took for Louise to transition from the corporate world to being a full-time trader and whether you should take on a business partner. Click here to listen.

Financial Autonomy

Paul Benson from The Financial Autonomy podcast interviewed Chris Tate, and you’re not going to want to miss this one. Chris has earned the title of ‘Trading Yoda’ for so many reasons. You’ll also find out why ‘buy and hold’ doesn’t work, and be introduced to why it’s essential to watch which benchmark you’re competing against. Click here to listen.

IQ Meets EQ Podcast

Louise chats with Jacqui Brauman on her wonderful podcast, IQ Meets EQ. This interview talks about how early experiences are a key influencer, and how essential it is to focus on increasing your emotional intelligence. Your level of wealth will rarely exceed your level of self-development. Be inspired, and watch this video now.

Louise’s Most Popular Interview Ever

The Indian market is kicking into action. In this exciting 1 hour video, watch as Louise uses Candlestick patterns to interpret the Indian Markets. With 100K views, this video is Louise’s most popular ever. Learn 3 new spectacular patterns and see how she uses them on some of the Nifty50 charts. Click here to listen.

Absolute Business Mindset

In this exciting episode of the Absolute Business Mindset podcast, Chris and Louise talk about what it takes to excel in business. Hear more about their working relationship and how if they were a Venn diagram, they would have barely any overlap between their responsibilities. Being different can help partnerships excel.  Click here to listen.

A Trader’s Life

The host of the podcast, A Trader’s Life, Nic Penrake says: “My next guest is without question the most extraordinary person I’ve had on the show so far. Hers is so much more than just another trading success story, this is one of those human success stories favoured by documentary filmmakers. Today she’s a successful trader, a highly regarded mentor and keynote speaker. If ever you needed some inspiration as a trader after a bad week, or indeed a good week, listen to this. Click here.

Create Multiple Income Sources

Louise came away so energised after chatting with Daniel and Wayde from The Dos and D Show. They say: “Louise shares with us some great life advice that we don’t hear at school. We talk about why it’s important to make your money work for you, having an investment plan, multiple streams of income and how much you should aim for when saving money.”  Click here to listen.

Interview Connections with Louise Bedford

Listening to Louise’s thoughts on perseverance, self-motivation, and powering through what she’s faced in her life is the dictionary definition of inspiring. You’ll love this interview. This is a mindset, high-performance interview where Louise talks about the criticism she’s faced and how she has handled it – and the fun of being a household name in the sharemarket game.
Click here to watch the video.

Louise Bedford – Investment Secrets of Candlestick Charting.

Share trading expert, Louise Bedford, reveals the psychology, mindset and systems behind successful investors, including how to benefit from candlestick charts. You’ll love this interview with Bushy Martin and Louise on the Get Invested podcast. Click here to listen (the interview begins at 34 minutes).

Investing, Trading Secrets & Personal Responsibility.

Loved being interviewed by the ever-enthusiastic, David Pasqualone, on the Remarkable People podcast. We got to share invaluable insights on stock trading, the purpose of life, mid-life crisis’s, our personal stories, mental health during COVID-19, and more. Click here.

Key Things Traders Muck Up.

Listen to Louise Bedford on Ausbiz on the Key Things Traders Muck Up. Financial mistakes are expensive so it makes good sense to learn how to avoid them.

Click here to listen.

Louise Bedford – World Class Performer.

Louise says: “I’m very excited to see my interview posted up on the WorldClassPerformer website. Read this interview to see my morning routine, and hear one of the most hilarious insults I’ve ever received!”

Click here to listen.

Day Trading Secrets.

Want to be a successful short term trader? This interview with Chris Tate gives you exactly what you need to be successful with his trading secrets. Hear why magic systems don’t work, how to size your positions, basics of trading, the importance of psychology, and some of his favourite books.

This is a must listen to episode if you want to know how the sausage is made with successful traders.

Click here to listen.

Trading Mentors and Louise Bedford

Louise says: I’m so happy to be featured in Philip Teo’s new book – Trading Mentors. This exceptional book, Trading Mentors, is your short cut. It’s a collection of wisdom from world-class traders. If you want to save time, effort and more importantly money, then it is imperative you learn the lessons in this book.

Learn more about Trading Mentors and claim your bonuses by visiting

Your Trading Edge Magazine, featuring Louise

Every edition, for the past 20 years, Louise has written an article for the Your Trading Edge magazine. Check out one of them here



Australian Financial Review

Louise Bedford was quoted in the Australian Financial Review newspaper recently.



Unimenta Podcast.

Resilience and adaptability are so essential. You’ll adore this interview on the Unimenta podcast with Chris Tate.

When we are faced with uncertainty and stress, what we find hardest is a sense of loss of power. Chris says that as long as we are above ground and breathing we always have choices and decisions that we can make. Focusing on what you can control is so key.

Click here to listen.

The Daily Helping.

Recently I had a very early morning chat with Dr. Richard Shuster regarding how trading is the simplest of endeavors in terms of its rules but one of the hardest in terms of its actual execution. The reason being simple – we are human and humans are flawed.

Click here to listen now.

Beyond The Obvious Interview.

Recently I chatted with David Hobart who is a former prop trader turned high-performance coach to professionals around the world. Click on the player image below to be taken to the interview.

Click here to listen now.

Limit Up Interview.

Recently I had a chance to catch up with Jack Pelzer and Dan Hodgman of Limit Up where we talked about all things trading psychology. It was actually wonderfully refreshing to sit down and talk to two younger traders who were not obsessed with the prospect of day trading and getting rich by next Friday afternoon.

Click here to listen now.

Money Savage Podcast.

On George Grombacher’s show, you’ll discover why too many people lose money trading. Hear from Louise Bedford and Chris Tate about the necessity of having a solid plan for getting started trading.

For the Difference Making Tip, scan ahead to 18:06.

Click here to listen now.

The Investor Lab Podcast.

Ready to deep dive into the world of tactics and numbers? Listen to The Investor Lab podcast, and hear Goose McGrath interview Chris Tate about

– How to approach different types of investment opportunities…
– Things to consider when investing in an asset class…
– Why discipline makes a huge difference for success…
– And heaps more!

We’ll also be touching on how the proper mindset plays a great role in any endeavour and what you can do to maintain it.

Click here to listen to this now.

Post-Pandemic Investment Implications and Opportunities.

Chris Tate joins Bushy Martin’s podcast and they share their views on what is likely to happen and what this means for you moving forward. We really like Bushy’s podcast, and he’s been a guest on our podcast show as well. Click here to hear this interview.

The Truth About Trading with Chris Tate.

The recent stock market correction has seen millions of new brokerage accounts opened across the globe and many people with no prior experience have been willing to put their hard earned dollars on the line to begin their trading careers. Listen to Chris Tate and Dr Andrew Fah on the Medical Money podcast. Click here.

What a top interview with Matt Nappo and Chris Tate on Minddog TV.

Two big bald blokes… dissecting what it takes to excel in the markets. You’ll love it! Matt really brought the best out in our Chris… so you’re going to want to listen to this!  Click here.

Have you mastered the art of trading? Or are you struggling with landing on the right strategy?

Or perhaps you can’t seem to shift away from a negative mindset? Chris Tate joins Casey Stubbs on the ‘How to Trade it’ podcast. Hear Chris share how he became a trader, what makes a good trader, misconceptions to overcome, and much more. Don’t miss this engaging episode. We can’t wait to share this you. Click here.

How to survive in uncertain times

If you’ve been thinking about investing in the equities markets or you’re seriously after a breakthrough in your share trading results, you need to listen carefully to absolutely everything that Chris has to say – and you’ll get to hear him more often here on Get Invested as he joins us to give us regular market updates.

Click here to listen to this in-depth interview.

Approach to Trading

Chris joins QAV today to talk about his approach to investing, futures trading and turtle trading. Then we answer some listener questions about whether or not the market has priced in the coming economic carnage.

Click here to listen to this interview.

Shares For Beginners with Louise Bedford and Chris Tate

What are the charts are trying to tell you? What is a chart and how can you use it in making your investment decisions? Chris Tate shares his knowledge about the importance of price action and technical analysis.

An engaging episode aimed squarely at shares for beginners.

Click here to listen to this in-depth half-hour interview.

Also, listen to this interview with Louise about getting started in the markets.


Power of the Mindset

Recently Louise had a chat with Andrew Woodward from The Investor’s Way about the power of mindset. In this interview Louise discussed four tools you can use to identify, enhance and compliment your money mindset for success. Louise was at her engaging best as she guides you through ways to achieve success beyond your practical trading and investing strategies.

Click here to watch the video.

A Chat With Bull Bear Traders

Recently I had an early morning chat with William Hathaway from Bull Bear Traders One of the interesting things about trading is the number of universal principles that underly successful trading. At first glance it may appear that trading US stock intraday is very different from trading commodities and indices from Melbourne. But as William and I discover there is is an enormous amount of overlap between the two. Click here to listen.

A Chat With AlphaMind

Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Steven Goldstein and Mark Randall from AlphaMind. During our chat, we ranged far and wide over all things trading psychology including some reminiscing about the good old days of being on dealing floors. It is well worth subscribing to their podcast if you are interested in tips on how to improve your performance as a trader.

Click here to listen.

When Trading Is a Passion, Retiring Is Not an Option

Not just a world of knowledge from a trading point of view but Chris Tate’s take on “life as a whole” was simply spectacular in this Trading Nut podcast. The big takeaway this interview left Cam Hawkins (the interviewer) with was a sense of perspective. Perspective on the market and how he had perceived it in the past. And how it may have affected his entire approach to trading. When you learn this perspective shift I know your trading will thank you for it. Click here to listen.

Chris and Louise on the Margin Call podcast

Hear these two interviews with Chris Tate, as well as Louise Bedford with Jordan Michaelides on the Margin Call Podcast. With a penchant for psychology and mindset, Louise is one of the longest standing mentors in the trading business – weathering all the fads that have passed through the industry. And we all know that Chris Tate brings a scientific flair to trading. You’ll love these two podcasts.

You’ll learn all about deprogramming yourself and Imposter Syndrome, and how to Deal with people’s presumptions, click here to listen.

Becoming A Profitable Trader by Working on Yourself!

Love this latest video podcast featuring Chris Tate and Etienne Crete. You’ll the specifics about what makes the big, bald bloke tick, and pick up some tips about how to drive strength into your trading. Click here

Emotions & Your Finances.

Bestselling author Louise Bedford shares her thoughts on how your emotions can affect your finances, including:

  • Why scared money never wins
  • How to assess credibility of an investment before handing over your money
  • What female traders do differently, that can make them more successful than men, and
  • How to seek out quality education to improve your decision making and understanding of markets.

Click here to listen.

Real Life Trading: Interview with Chris Tate

Here’s what Jeremy Newsome had to say about this podcast. Chris Tate is a world renown trader who is part of the enriching mission. He teams up with Louise Bedford [who is in this interview] and explains some gorgeous concepts and drops many insightful knowledge bombs in this deliberate, intense and focused interview.

Click here to listen.

Trading Nuts Unite

Louise Bedford was interviewed on the podcast, and what a thrill it was. If you love the Talking Trading podcast, you’ll love the Trading Nut podcast too. Listen to this exceptional, in-depth interview right now.

Trading Nuts Interview with Louise Bedford

Want to know how to pick solid candle patterns? Watch Louise Bedford’s revealing video, as featured on the Trading Nut podcast. You’ll see her working live without a net, and pick up delicious analysis techniques to enhance your trading right now. Click here

Real Life Trading Interview with Louise Bedford

Here’s what Jerremy Newsome has to say about this podcast: “Far out – I think I’m in love! (From a trading perspective, of course). Trading royalty, Louise Bedford shows how she raids the markets, and avoids shark bites (at 13:47 mins) in this revealing interview. Then she grills me over my own personal trading methods mercilessly (at 22:38 mins). Click here

Louise on another world-renowned podcast

Watch Louise Bedford’s fascinating video interview on Etienne Crete’s podcast ‘Desire to Trade’. Hear about about how to cut it as a trader, in this very competitive field. Click here

YMag and Louise

Louise says: I’m so excited to be featured in the latest edition of Ymag this month. I adore this magazine, and it’s such an honour to be involved. It’s an inspiring read this month. I sat down and read it cover to cover. You can check out their Facebook page, click here

Equity Mates interview Louise

Bryce and Alec interviewed Louise Bedford on their 100th ‘Equity Mates podcast’ episode. Just wait until you hear her little ‘heated debate’ with one of them about the right length of time a trade should take… Oooh… nice to have a professional difference of opinion… click here
Louise was invited back for her views on what to do with your tax return for a later episode too. Click here to listen to that.

Chris and Louise present at IFTA

Louise Bedford and Chris Tate presented at the prestigious IFTA conference in Malaysia. The International Federation of Technical Analysts is the key trading group world-wide for our industry.

Louise is a hit at the Online Trading Summit

Louise says: “So pleased to hear that so many people were keen on hearing about candlesticks and volatility at the Online Trading Summit. Happy to be scored so highly as well!”