Spotify – no market orders in our playlist

Hi everyone, We’ve had some requests on the blog for specifics. Specific thoughts about shares themselves – as well as concepts such as IPO choice, that CT & I don’t usually comment about. We’ve also heard that you want more analysis. We’ve listened to your views, and we’ve asked our friend, Matt Leibowitz from to…

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Why We Listen To Bad Forecasts

London had 120,000 residents in 1523. A fifth of them – 25,000 people – had fled the city by February 1524. They weren’t running from war or famine. In the summer of 1523 a group of fortune tellers warned that on February 1, 1524, the River Thames would swell so high it’d swallow London whole.…

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Vanishing time in the pursuit of happiness

Unlike other goals, pursuing happiness rarely leads to attaining happiness (Schooler, Ariely, & Loewenstein, 2003). Instead, seeking happiness more often, ironically, decreases happiness, in turn causing a previous act of seeking happiness to prompt continued behavior devoted toward the same objective (i.e., acts of seeking happiness). How might this happiness-seeking spiral shape one’s experience? We propose that the…

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Nobody Likes A Smart Arse Toaster

Chalk one up for the humans. Hedge funds that use artificial intelligence and machine learning in their trading process posted the worst month on record in February, according to a Eurekahedge index that’s tracked the industry from 2011. The first equity correction in two years upended their strategies as once-reliable cross-asset correlations shifted. While computerized programs…

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Now What?

As LB recently on the blog I recently acquired a Porsche 911 – this is a car I have wanted since I was very young. My interest was stirred strangely enough by the likes of Bruce Lee, in my mad early martial arts days I read everything I could about him and in one of…

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The Best Way to Lose $5 Billion Dollars

It was January 4, 1877 and the world’s richest man had just died. Cornelius “The Commodore” Vanderbilt had amassed a fortune of over $100 million over the course of his lifetime as a railroad/transportation pioneer. The Commodore was of the belief that splitting the family fortune would lead to ruin, so he left a majority…

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Fun With Banks

With the banks getting a rogering at the current Royal Commission where the only people who are surprised that the banks treat their customers like shit are the banks themselves, who reward such behaviour and politicians who want lucrative directorships and consultancy with banks when they leave politics. Combined the touted changes to dividend imputation much has…

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Jeff Yass – Market Wizard

Jeff Yass was always a little different from his peers — a brilliant young man taken with poker and horse racing and the power of rational decision-making. He’s used all of it to turn his company — Bala Cynwyd’s stealthy and mysterious Susquehanna International — into one of the world’s most lucrative and powerful financial…

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Richard Clapton – The Best Years Of Our Lives

Whilst cleaning out my music collection and making certain it was all available to me digitally I came across this single. One of the most underrated singer/songwriters Australia has produced I remember seeing him in some shitty venue on the Mornington Peninsula more years ago that I care to remember….  

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Success Has A Face

I have had occasion recently to hop a plane without my usual travelling companion (LB)- this has caused me to spend more time watching people and making observations about the travelling experience. When did hats become a default fashion item in the lounge and I am not talking about your ubiquitous baseball caps which are…

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