And The Boredom Party Continues

Just when you think something interesting might be about to happen.   Although, in the short term it is hard to see any dramatic break to the upside when the number of shares doing the heavy lifting seems to be tapering off.

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So Where Is The 60 Minutes Feature

Whenever I wonder why things dont work all that well in Australia, or I look at Asia and see some of the stunning progress that is being made by countries that lack all of our natural advantages. I am reminded that young people who do things such as winning a Gold Medal at the International Maths…

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Meet the Man Who Flies Around the World for Free

Schlappig, 25, is one of the biggest stars among an elite group of obsessive flyers whose mission is to outwit the airlines. They’re self-styled competitors with a singular objective: fly for free, as much as they can, without getting caught. In the past 20 years, the Internet has drawn together this strange band of savants…

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And The Came Ludicrous Speed

Tesla have just announced that their Model S sedan will now come with an optional ludicrous speed mode. This promises to push the hyperactive buzz box to 100 kph in around 2.8 seconds. To put that into context the quickest bus I have owned will do it in about 4.4 seconds and a $3,000,000.00 plus…

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Why Cant We All Just Get Along

The Economist has produced the graphic below which does seem to perfectly illustrate the difficulties of dropping a dozen cats in a sack and then telling them to behave. There are also some interesting permutations of what would constitute a perfect European Union in the comments. Click the graphic for the article.

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Timeline Of The Greek Crisis

I mentioned the other day that I was surprised that the Europeans were surprised that the Greeks had gone to the wall. This timeline explains why I was surprised. As you can see this is a long standing problem.    

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