Are We Scared Yet?

Apparently, the world is ending because the media says so. The source of much of this hysteria is that the media seemed to have discovered a tool known as the S&P/ASX200 VIX indicator which is also known as the fear indicator. One somewhat hysterical report claimed that it was the highest it had ever been, which…

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Lessons From Dunning-Kruger

As you can see in the chart above, the most competent individuals tend to underestimate their relative ability a little, but for most people (the bottom 75%) they increasingly overestimate their ability, and everyone thinks they are above average. I sometimes hear the effect incorrectly described as, “the more incompetent you are, the more knowledgeable…

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A Short Lesson in Perspective

This is an old piece – the author Linds Redding died in 2012 aged 52 from oesophageal cancer. This is one of his last pieces and it is a rant directed at the advertising industry but it can apply to any industry. And here’s the thing. It turns out I didn’t actually like my old…

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Age Is Irrelevant When It Comes to Fitness

…..I recently spent a few weeks immersed in Fast After 50, along with a few other books on the topic, including Margaret Webb’s Older, Faster, Stronger, Lee Bergquist’s Second Wind, and Bill Gifford’s excellent and entertaining Spring Chicken. My interest was both professional and personal. I was staring down the gun barrel at 50, the…

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I Played Blackjack With the World’s Best Card Counter

It’s 10 p.m. on a Saturday, and the low-fare overnight buses in Chinatown are idling in rows. Markets have long ago pulled down their metal gratings and thrown bags of pungent trash onto New York’s curbs. And directly under the Manhattan Bridge, on a desolate corner, here’s an unusual sight: men in sequined sports coats…

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Bloody Hell

The record price for a Brooklyn home broke the $15 million threshold this summer, and by now it’s widely accepted that New York’s outer boroughs are not much of a bargain, growing further out of reach for the aspiring homeowner. The rush of new construction in gentrifying neighborhoods has pushed up the price of land, and…

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Oliver Sacks 1933-2015

ONE NIGHT IN 1940, a bomb tumbled out of the sky into a garden in North London, exploding into thousands of droplets of white-hot aluminum oxide, which cascaded over the lawn. The buckets of water that the inhabitants of the house at 37 Mapesbury Road—two Jewish doctors and their sons—poured on the fire only fed…

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Well – This Is Depressing

People around the world are living longer, but many are also living sicker lives for longer, according to a study of all major diseases and injuries in 188 countries. General health has improved worldwide, thanks to significant progress against infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS and malaria in the past decade and gains in fighting maternal…

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We are a few days removed from the shenanigans of last week, which isn’t to imply that they are over but a little distance is a good thing. Much has been made about the falls in the local market but this commentary lacks context and if we simply look at falls on the local market…

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Dame Stephanie Shirley

Unfortunately, we live in an era where the ignorant dickhead is celebrated. The greater the ignorance or the more appalling the behaviour the more oxygen they are given. This is a sad consequence of the inevitable dumbing down of society at large and the rubbish fed to us by a media that is full of…

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China’s Market And Policy Timeline

Bloomberg has created an interesting graphic looking at the various market interventions undertaken by the Chinese government. The part to concentrate on is the number of actions taken to stem the decline – none of which seemed to have worked.  My feeling has always been that markets will go int he direction they want to…

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