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Best Laid Plans

Earlier this week I reinstated my longs on the Dow – the combination of a breakout to new highs and a low volatility is hard for me to resist and as fate would have it the market decided it would reverse.   So what does this mean for this position? At present nothing, markets do…

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I am speaking at the AIA Conference in August so if you have the misfortune to find yourself on the Gold Coast aka Bogan capital of Australia drop in and say hello. However, an invitation is not the point of this piece. I have been collating some of my notes from past presentations and came…

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Why you are anxious all the time

Anxiety is our fundamental state for well-founded reasons: – Because we are intensely vulnerable physical beings, a complicated network of fragile organs all biding their time before eventually letting us down catastrophically at a moment of their own choosing. – Because we have insufficient information upon which to make most major life decisions: we are…

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Market Volatility

I was doing the Market Wrap yesterday for Talking Trading and in my usual look at markets I noticed that the arse had effectively fallen out of volatility in the markets I was looking at. I have dropped in a chart below which shows the 30 day HV of a variety of instruments, I have…

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RIP Doc Neeson

I first saw Doc Neeson and The Angels more years ago than I care to remember in a shitbox venue that has now been consigned to history. He remains the most dynamic front man I have seen. The 70’s had been a decade when I had to wander along courtesy of a succession of girlfriends…

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An astonishing record – of complete failure

In the 2001 issue of the International Journal of Forecasting, an economist from the International Monetary Fund, Prakash Loungani, published a survey of the accuracy of economic forecasts throughout the 1990s. He reached two conclusions. The first was that forecasts are all much the same. There was little to choose between those produced by the…

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Only 8 left at this price

Your Trading Sucks! WELL, MAYBE NOT completely. But if you feel like there is something holding you back in the markets, that something may be you! There isn’t a profitable trader who hasn’t struggled with their own mindset. Click here to see who Louise Bedford has teamed up with to bring you the solutions you’re…

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