Particularly relevant for those of us who are getting on a bit. Robert Aronowitz, a historian of medicine and medical doctor at the University of Pennsylvania, points out that when drug companies are able to treat people who might become sick, as opposed to patients with symptoms, the market is a lot larger. Once put into the…

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Where Are The Economists Yachts?

For your edification I bring you two articles. Firstly, a series of predictions made by Saxo Bank economists. Secondly, and more sensibly a piece that rightly asks – where are the economists yachts? Once you have read the first article you will automatically know the answer to the question posed in the second article.

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Men Are Idiots …. Not Really New News…

So they took a look at the data on Darwin Award winners over the past 20 years, from 1995 to 2014.  This is excellent data to work with. The winning event must be verified, winners must “show an astounding misapplication of common sense,” the winners must be both capable of making good decisions — and…

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Oh Dear …. Part Three

These are my last words on this topic I promise. We have learnt that merely taking the average annualised return for an index and then back dating that figure to achieve a hypothetical magical figure is naive and reflects a tremendous lack of knowledge as to how markets work.  Likewise suggesting that someone simply buy all…

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Oh Dear …… Part Two

I was thinking of the results I was able to generate in part one and have come the conclusion that they flatter the basic premise of achieving the same return as the accumulation index. Remember, the basic premise was you simply bought the index and hung on – it is referred to in the piece…

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Oh Dear…..Part One

I actually saw this article the other day whilst having breakfast after training. The opening point so caught my eye that I had to find the original source article and see if it was correct – my looking over someones shoulder guess was that is was not. The article begins with a somewhat staggering claim…

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Grouses Of The Holy

Yet this is not the case. Finding Led Zeppelin on the radio today is no more difficult than it was in 1973. If you stroll around the campus of any state college, the likelihood of finding kids wearing Zeppelin T-shirts mirrors the likelihood of finding kids trying to buy weed. This summer, British fashion designer…

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Where to buy Louise Bedford’s Books

I don’t mind where you get my books from, as long as you get a copy, and implement the concepts as fast as you can. There are so many great spots to buy my books. To make things easier I thought I’d let you know some other locations where you can hunt them down. However,…

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