The Smartest Person I Have Never Heard Of

By the end of his life, Ovshinsky had established a new field of science: the study of “amorphous” materials, messy solids that have no regular atomic structure. He published around 300 academic papers on the subject. His inventions gained more than 400 patents. All this from a man who taught himself physics using books borrowed…

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Does Studying Economics Make You A Bad Person

Whilst my views on Economics as a pseudoscience are well known I am not certain about this piece in Psychology Today   In 1776, Adam Smith famously wrote: “It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we can expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own…

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Fear And The Art Of Trading

Trading or investing (I use the terms interchangeably) is at its core an information processing profession. The job of a trader is to take the information they receive and distil it into a cohesive, coherent format from which they can derive a decision. The expected end point of this decision is that the trade that…

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I was preparing a piece for the Australian Investors Association when I came across this quote. The story telling mind is allergic to uncertainty, randomness, and coincidence. It is addicted to meaning. If the storytelling mind cannot find meaningful patterns in the world, it will try to impose them. In short, the storytelling mind is…

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Forget the Flu: Entrepreneurship May Be Viral

Whilst away for a strategy meeting last week part of the conversation drifted to the notion of working for yourself as a lifestyle choice. A subset of that discussion was simply why the f#%k would you willingly work for someone else. We all tried to work out the premium  that would be required for us…

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Beating The Market Has Become Nearly Impossible

Interesting long article about the demise of alpha – that is a positive return over and above what the market can intrinsically produce. I would probably add that there has never been a situation in history where money managers have en masse produced alpha, so the situation being described is not new. Fund managers have…

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Why It’s Impossible To Just Eat Less

This is a fascinating article in that you can take out the references to food and eating less and substitute the expression – why is is impossible to follow a trading plan. Long-term multicomponent weight management interventions were generally shown to promote weight loss in overweight or obese adults. Weight changes were small however and…

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As the chook shed fire that was the us governments shut down unfolded the press was full of words such as calamity and disaster without actually understanding what those words meant within the context of the shutdown. Many (read most) commentators missed the fact that the US was not Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal or Italy…

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