Lessons in Innumeracy

One of the things that has always amazed me about financial markets is the apparent lack of numeracy I see in many of its participants. As an example consider the table below which looks at gains made in the subsequent years by the S&P500 when it has been down 25% or worse in a given…

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The Behavioural Lessons of Gilt Market Turmoil

Much of the focus on the dramatic and unprecedented sell-off in gilt markets this week has been centred on the technical factors that led to an intervention from the Bank of England, potentially worth £65bn. Whilst the tribulations of the Liability Driven Investment strategies used by pension schemes are both fascinating and concerning, these periods…

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Is Buy and Hold Investing Dead?

Most traders jump first and then build their parachutes. They trade using intuition and tips without a firm trading plan. If there’s anything the markets have taught us over the past couple of years it’s that treating investing and trading as a business is essential. But just how do you do this? In this exciting…

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Sniff Out Hidden Profits

  To get into the Mentor Program, you need to register for Priority Notification. Make a pact with yourself now that no matter what the economy is doing, you’re determined to become an ultra-versatile trader capable of sniffing out hidden profits in the sharemarket. It’s that’s what you’re after, we can show you how to…

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The First Totally Honest Stock Market Story

The market rallied early this morning for reasons nobody understands and nobody predicted. CNBC analysts confidently asserted it had something to do with the Senegalese money supply but others pointed to revised monthly figures showing a poor tuna haul off the Peruvian coast. The Dow turned down in late morning due to profit-taking—which is a…

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Russell 2000 Vs S&P500 Vs Dow

The chart offers an interesting comparison between the Russell 2000, S&P 500, and the Dow. You can see in the past five days the broader market has outperformed the other two. The broader market which it could be argued is a better barometer of overall market health than the Dow has in the past week…

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Ten Minutes With Tate Volatility

This video is a repost of one I did last year. I decided to repost it because I did a brief media piece a little while ago and the topic of volatility came up tangentially. Volatility did not come directly but it was implied that because the market had gone down that this automatically meant…

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