The Happiness Ruse

In 1920, the American psychologist John B Watson published the results of one of the more ethically dubious scholarly articles of the past century. Along with Rosalie Rayner, a 21-year-old graduate student at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, where he taught, Watson aimed to instil a specific fear in an otherwise normal baby. Until then,…

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I Remember Another One

I am back on the theme of idiots in this business. At a conference overseas many years ago LB was talking to a group of female traders who mentioned that they were always losing money trading options. So she enquired a bit deeper. It turns out that the strategy they had been told to use…

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Do You DRP?

I am prone to saying that markets are very generous if you allow them to be – the unfortunate thing is that most traders/investors regard the markets as hostile. This perception of hostility generates a raft of negative emotional responses to every slight perturbation the market might make. This in turn hampers their capacity to…

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Superannuation Again……

Whilst I was away travelling I checked into my LinkedIn account and was greeted with the usual amount of spam and rubbish job offerings but in typical LinkedIn fashion, I was bombarded by ads extolling the virtues of Australian Super. You can imagine my delight when they dropped in an ad with the tagline Proven…

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Navy SEALs Use These 4 Psychology Tricks

I was recently keynoting at a company when the presenter before me (an ex-Navy SEAL) took the stage to discuss the importance of succeeding under extreme pressure. It was a topical comment, as this particular company was about to go through an intense period. He shared an training overview video from the Navy SEALs detailing a particularly onerous part of…

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Belief or Data

When I first came into contact with the world of finance I did so having migrated from a world that was somewhat ruthless when it came to intellectual rigour. My expectation was that finance would be similar after all money is important. instead, I found a world that was resplendent in myths, partial truths, assumptions…

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The Difference Between Amateurs and Professionals

Amateurs stop when they achieve something. Professionals understand that the initial achievement is just the beginning. Amateurs have a goal. Professionals have a process. Amateurs think they are good at everything. Professionals understand their circles of competence. Amateurs see feedback and coaching as someone criticizing them as a person. Professionals know they have weak spots and seek out…

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