The Expectation Versus The Reality

I have always found conferences interesting. They tend to be on a spectrum from tremendously useful where new findings are revealed and debated to self congratulatory wankfests to sideshows that display a marked disconnect between reality and fantasy. Trading conferences tend to fall into the last category and unfortunately IFTA in Tokyo was no exception.…

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They say that travel broadens the mind and for the most part I agree with this sentiment but for a simple caveat. It only does so for those who are sufficiently self aware to remove themselves from the strictures of their own culture and the emotional and psychological baggage that it entails. If you remain…

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This Is An Impressive Failure Even For A Hedge Fund

Direct from Singapore, where it is either hot and dry or hot and wet. On September 11, Spruce Alpha, a small hedge fund which is part of a bigger investment group, sent a short report to investors.  The letter said that the $80 million fund had lost 48% in a month, according the performance report seen by Business Insider. There was no commentary…

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“the self” isn’t constant, but ever-changing

While you may not remember life as a toddler, you most likely believe that your selfhood then—your essential being—was intrinsically the same as it is today.  Buddhists, though, suggest that this is just an illusion—a philosophy that’s increasingly supported by scientific research.  “Buddhists argue that nothing is constant, everything changes through time, you have a…

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I Bet Someone Thought This Was A Brilliant Idea

It sounds like the sinister plot of some straight-to-DVD movie. Since 2009, Volkswagen had been installing elaborate software in 482,000 “clean diesel” vehicles sold in the US, so that the cars’ pollution controls only worked when being tested for emissions. The rest of the time, the vehicles could freely spew hazardous, smog-forming compounds. Suffice to…

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