Without Data

The other day after a workout I was sitting in the cafe that one of my gyms has enjoying my usual tea, toast and vegemite and at the table behind where a group of old blokes. These are the sought of old blokes who amble around the gym for an hour and then go and…

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Prof Brian Cox

Last week I along with 3000 of my closest friend was able to attend an evening with Brian Cox, former popstar and now particle physicist at CERN. Too often in our world voices that are truly interesting are drowned out by the noise of mediocrity. This is the good Professor from his days as the…

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The Return On Luxury Items

This graph from the Economist caught my eye. I ma intrigued that luxury cars have done so well and I am wondering two things. Firstly, if their definition of luxury cars might actually refer to strict collectibles as opposed to luxury. Secondly, if the figure has not been distorted by outliers and so has been…

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Whats The Perfect Move?

Every now and again it worthwhile going back and reviewing some basic trading concepts. One of the tasks I get the mentorees to undertake is to find what a perfect move looks like to them. This achieves two things. Firstly, it gets them to start looking at price action in detail – something people are…

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October Hysteria

As October once more looms large on the horizon we will be subjected to more idiocy about the siren like properties of this month and the pitfalls it holds for traders I thought I would offer up some facts. The first question that needs to be answered is October really that bad for investors and…

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