A Nods As Good As A Wink

A new study led by the University of Exeter and Swansea University has pinpointed the changes in the brain that lead gamblers to react in the same way to near-misses as they do to winning. The research shows that near-misses are underpinned by increases in the brain’s electrical activity, particularly in the theta frequency range…

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What A Top Idea

Vietnam is sentencing corrupt bankers to death by firing squad. Others just get life behind bars. BANGKOK — For the most part, American bankers whose rash pursuit of profit brought on the 2008 global financial collapse didn’t get indicted. They got bonuses. Odds are that scandal would have played out differently in Vietnam, another nation…

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What Are these Things?

When I opened IG’s dealing system the other day I noticed these widgets on the home page. They seem to change each day or so whenever there is some new impending announcement. i understand their function from a marketing point of view but was actually wondering whether anyone paid attention to them. The problem as…

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Economists Again….

Whilst driving I heard in passing on the radio that this weekend is some super big deal thingy for the technologically backward industry known as real estate. Apparently some 1200 homes are going to be auctioned this weekend in that antiquated process whereby people stand out the front of a building and some of them…

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Cumulative 52 Week High-Lows

Every time I have the misfortune to accidentally be within earshot of a US news broadcast regarding markets it seems I am assailed by the magic 52 week high. The thinking behind this metric is quite sound – if stocks are making new yearly highs then the market is sound. Being a cumulative index it…

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Grit And The Secret Of Success

“Inspiration is for amateurs — the rest of us just show up and get to work,” Chuck Close scoffed. “A self-respecting artist must not fold his hands on the pretext that he is not in the mood,” Tchaikovsky admonished. “Show up, show up, show up, and after a while the muse shows up, too,” Isabel…

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Here are some general pieces on inequality for your weekend reading. The New Yorker – ……..Piketty believes that the rise in inequality can’t be understood independently of politics. For his new book, he chose a title evoking Marx, but he doesn’t think that capitalism is doomed, or that ever-rising inequality is inevitable. There are circumstances, he…

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Why Runners Can’t Eat Whatever They Want

Bad news for endurance athletes. As a 10-mile-a-day runner, Dave McGillivray thought he could eat whatever he wanted without worrying about his heart. “I figured if the furnace was hot enough, it would burn everything,” said McGillivray, who is 59. But a diagnosis six months ago of coronary artery disease shocked McGillivray, a finisher of…

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