Money to Launder? Here’s How

You’re a Russian criminal with millions of dollars in ill-gotten gains but one big problem: Transferring slugs of money or carrying suitcases of cash will raise eyebrows. You need to “launder” the dough — make the dirty money appear to be the proceeds of legitimate enterprise. Then it can be spent anywhere in the world…

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How to declutter your mind

Do you ever feel like your mind is one big, infinitely scrolling, incredibly cluttered to-do list? And are you always struggling to keep it updated, remember what’s on it, readjust its priorities, and delete what no longer serves you? Brooklyn-based product designer Ryder Carroll suggests his solution to this problem: keeping a journal. “We have to externalize…

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The Experts Keep Getting the Economy Wrong

Yet there is never a shortage of them of offering their opinion. Surely at some stage you would just give up and admit you were crap. President Trump likes to brag about the supposedly booming economy. So do other Republican politicians. Some journalists have gotten into the habit too, exaggerating the strength of the economic…

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Understanding the Connection Between Sleep and Anxiety

Research findings suggesting that sleep loss and anxiety are closely linked were among those presented at Neuroscience 2018, the annual conference of the Society for Neuroscience, held in San Diego, California. The news isn’t all dire, however — this year’s event offered some science-based encouragement along with causes for concern. Neuroscience continues focusing on the mysteries of sleep (and…

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The radical moral implications of luck in human life

In July 2018 (when we first published this piece), there was a minor uproar when Kardashian scion Kylie Jenner, who is all of 21, appeared on the cover of Forbes’s 60 richest self-made women issue. As many people pointed out, Jenner’s success would have been impossible if she hadn’t been born white, healthy, rich, and famous. She built…

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It’s Never Too Late

THINK YOU’RE TOO old (or young) to make it in trading? Do you think that ‘if I was going to make it, then I would have done it already’? Think again. At age 23, Tina Fey was working at a YMCA. At age 23, Oprah was fired from her first reporting job. At age 24,…

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False Economy

OK… I’D JUST ARRIVED. Fiji in the Winter. 29 degrees outside. Palm trees swaying… check. Ocean view… check. Bottle of water from the mini-bar to quench my thirst… check. Oh my goodness! $7.50 for that thimble-full of water. That’s ludicrous. So – I go an ask at reception “Where are the closest shops?” “Just around…

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Favourite Thoughts

SOME BRILLIANT QUOTES by philosopher, Mokokoma Mokhonoana (shared with me by successful Mentoree – Sean Kierce). Thanks so much for sharing these Sean, There’s so much wisdom in them: “There is more to life than making a living. Do not work more than you live.” “He who fails to achieve a dream set by himself…

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The Power of Now is BS

WITH HER VOICE trembling, she asked “But when do I start making money?” Tears began to roll down her face. Yet… she had no written trading plan, no knowledge about trading and had only ever placed three trades. I stared at her like a Labrador that has heard a high-pitched noise. Really? I mean… REALLY?…

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Linus Pauling Report Card

For those who dont know who Linus Pauling is he won the 1954 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.  I dont count his 1962 Nobel Peace Prize since this is just a popularity contest. The only person to have won two true Nobel Prizes is Marie Curie. He got an F in Gymnasium in the second semester…

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WTF Does This Mean?

Recently I have had occasion to be using LinkedIn because people for some reason instead of emailing me send me messages instead. I find LinkedIn to be fascinating. If Facebook is your slightly brain dead unemployed bogan cousin then LinkedIn is your archetypal idiot private school boy whose parents always bailed him out of trouble,…

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