Career Choices

For those considering a career in finance be warned this is the sort of person you will be working with. This is Olivier Desbarres the now sacked of FX strategy for the Asia-Pacific, this little rant apparently occurred because builders in his neighbourhood were making a bit too much noise.   I used to work…

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Quote Of The Day

‘A Person Becomes Old When His Mind Is More Occupied By Memories Than Aspirations’ This extremely perceptive quote is apparently attributed to web designer Navin Kulkarni a web designer who I am unfamiliar.

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Singularity Summit

I offer these videos with only one comment – my pc doesn’t work properly all the time so the chance of being able to upload an individuals consciousness to an external storage device are f#4k all. The 1950’s had flying cars and atomic powered fridges and we have singularity……

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Mail Bag Time

Its time to dig into my mail bag and see what half baked homilies which pass for series content  I have received this week. This weeks winner comes from an email newsletter I seem to be getting that has the quote….. “Get out of the casino, own Corporate America and hold it forever! No trading,…

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An Old Favourite…..

Whilst one shouldnt play favourites in trading it is hard to forget the commodities you encountered first. I have fond memories of things such as frozen pork bellies (now defunct) and lumber. To me these are old time commodities that were traded long before specialised financial products appeared. So I was a bit surprised when…

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My Pet Hate

Is these idiots who keep using the phrase quantum leap as if you are trying to traverse some enormous intergalatic gulf. For those of a non scientific bent a quantum state is the smallest discrete quantity of a physical property that can be involved in an interaction. Its friggen small – so if you have…

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Wonder whether anyone has given Larry Page a call to ask if that offer of $6 billion is still on the table. There are times when opportunity knocks and some people are stupid enough to say f$%k off I’m busy not paying attention…….

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