The Myth and Magic of Deliberate Practice

Joe DiMaggio was one of the greatest hitters in baseball history. A three-time winner of the Most Valuable Player award, DiMaggio was selected to the Major League All-Star team in each of his thirteen seasons. He is best known for his remarkable hitting streak during the 1941 season when he recorded a hit in fifty-six…

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What Can Be Measured Can Be Managed

I was having a catch up with my good mate and uber cool pad holder Jarrod yesterday – we both share a fascination with human performance. We are both interested in what we can get out of the machine we wander around in all day. As part of this quest he had recently been to see…

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No Man Is An Island

So said John Donne and the same is true of markets. One of the most fascinating features of trading is that markets at times they display interesting interrelationships and that these relationships tell you something about the underlying emotional state of the market. Below are three markets I am currently involved in and all seem…

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I have been passing the time by the pool reading Pacific by Simon Winchester which is an excellent easy read. It looks at the Pacific region through the prism of select historical events – everything from the invention of surfing to the looming clash between the US and China. Whilst reading the section on the history surfing…

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Fate: Inventing Reasons for the Things That Happen

You might guess there wouldn’t be much psychological research on belief in fate, destiny, or purpose, but you’d be wrong. There is a surprisingly deep vein of studies on these topics in both children and adults. A recent poll found that 38 percent of Americans believe natural disasters are signs from God, but more abstract…

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Looking For The Next Amazon

I came across this piece the other day. It is a good bit of work because it highlights neatly the interplay between returns, risk and drawdown. This triumvirate holds sway over the trajectory of our investing but it is continually ignored by most, as all traders in some way shape or form seek the biggest…

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With the Gold Index showing some signs of life…. I thought it might be time to dust off my  list of gold stocks….

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Pigeons, Humans, and the Monty Hall Dilemma

WTF?……. The Monty Hall Dilemma is a probability puzzle that is notorious for eliciting suboptimal decisions from humans. A participant is given a choice from among three doors, one of which conceals a valuable prize. After an initial selection, one of the remaining, nonwinning doors is opened, and the participant is given a chance to…

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