The Physics Of Wall Street

I have just finished wading through The Physics of Wall Street by James Owen Weatherall which tracks the impact of quantitative traders on both finance at large and Wall street in particular. As the title suggests it concentrates most on physicists who have made the leap into finance and with them have brought their impressive…

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When novice traders enter the world of trading they are bombarded by all sorts of rubbish about what to do and how to do it. Unfortunately, very little of this material covers what is actually important and none of it seems to mention the words courage and patience. I have spoken about the notion of…

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Nimble amoebas battle for world supremacy

I have no idea why I find this interesting. Whoosh!” bragged geneticist Michael Myre, spreading his fingers and pushing his hands away from his body. “That’s what they’ll do.” ‘Whoosh’ is not a word often applied to the slime mould Dictyostelium discoideum — affectionately called ‘Dicty’ by its devoted following of cell biologists and geneticists — but Myre,…

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Fear is the Root of Your Problems

This great little piece was originally posted on the Mentor Alumni forum by PGH and I had completely forgotten about it like a peanut. Fortunately, I was reminded of it so I could post it here. The original piece can be found here – Fear is the Root of Your Problems By Leo Babauta Every problem you or…

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The Impact Of Fees

I have been pondering the return to the bad old days of financial planning as advocated by the big banks and in my discussions with people they find it hard to grasp the impact of fees upon investment returns. I think this is due to a basic innumeracy among people and I believe this is…

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Introducing The Mind Power Profit Pack

Great News for Traders wanting to cut through their trading problems like a hot knife through butter.   Well it may not suck completely. Are you a Market Wizard already? C’mon… You know in your gut that you can do better. It’s like an itch that just won’t go away… a yearning… a deep-seated determination to excel.…

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The Real Butlers of the .001 Percent

One of his first jobs was a two-year stint as the chief steward aboard the yacht of a sheik—basically, a butler at sea. The sheik wasn’t on his boat all that often, but when he did set sail, he liked to take the vessel “whoring,” as Bentley puts it. “The girls would all line up…

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The Great Hedge Fund Rip Off Continues

One of the best wealth transference scams ever invented continues.   The same thing can be said for the domestic funds management industry – particularly where superannuation is concerned. Recent changes to remove the best interest provision will see investors even worse off courtesy of a return to the bad old days of belting people…

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Diary Of A Pro Punter

This is actually quite interesting. Tuesday The working week almost always commences on a Tuesday, when I’m generally in the office by 8.00am.(Editor’s note: This ‘office’ is in fact larger than most houses. It is a lavish three bedroom, two bathroom, $1 million-plus penthouse with rooftop entertaining area and pool.)  Tuesdays are largely set aside…

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