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Did You Know

That according to this video I can make 90% on my trades several times a day. So to be conservative if I do it 5 times a day for a full trading week of 5 days and my starting capital is $100,000 by the end of the week I will have $930,764,956.88 (assuming I compound…

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Dow Jones-UBS Commodity Indexes

I regularly get a series of commodity index updates from Dow Jones – I originally started to get these when ETF trackers for commodities began to come online. From my perspective the interesting thing is the notion of time frames that they apply – as you can see from the data below all indices have…

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Even Wizards Have Off Days

I bought my first copy of Market Wizards almost 20 years ago and it remains not only the most read book in my trading library but also the most useful. In my early days I used to be an avid reader of trading books but most would get the once over and then get dumped…

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Its Friday

And you will need something to watch on the weekend. Best action film I have seen in a decade and as someone with an interest in Kali – it is good to see its cousin art Silat getting a run.  

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Weekend Reading

Things on the tablet for the weekend. Timing is everything: Brain scans reveal the secret of Bruce Lee’s one-inch punch Karate Black Belts’ White Matter Shows How a Powerful Punch Comes from the Brain Kudo to David B from the mentor program for these two Ding Dong, Daily Deals Are Dead ‘Beam Us Up, Mr.…

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Knightmare On Wall Street

Last week I wrote about the implosion of Knight Capital a market maker whose minor software glitch managed to almost implode the firm. Nanex a firm that deal in supply data and analysing market movements have produced the following little video that tracks one of their screens during the Knight meltdown. It starts a little…

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Olympians And Advisors

I get feeds from all sorts of things ranging from HFT, obscure bits of derivatives trading news, physics – particularly string theory (which I don’t understand nor does anyone else) to how to lift heavy things without your small intestine popping out your backside. But occasionally I get something I dont expect. Such is the…

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Fear and Ignorance

Over the past few months LB and I have noticed what I would call a climax in fear in businesses and individuals. We have tried in vain to engage other trading businesses in various joint ventures that would be good for all.  However, despite leaping at the chance the reponse from all has been…..we cant…

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