One Of These Things

Whilst I am not an economist nor am I even a macro trader – I am still vaguely sensible enough to spot a relationship…   It is intriguing how little attention this gets on the sell side of economics (namely politics) and the implied problems this creates for the local economy.

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Why We Can’t Get Over Ourselves

One of the biggest barriers to understanding others is excessive egocentrism. You can’t see into the mind of others because you can’t get over yourself. You can’t overcome your own experiences, beliefs, attitudes, emotions, knowledge, and visual perspective to recognize that others may view the world differently. Copernicus may have removed the Earth from the…

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“I’d like you to underperform your benchmark by a consistent 200 basis points for the next six months.” Imagine making this statement at your next fund manager meeting. It’s likely that those sitting across the table would look at you quizzically and ask you to repeat the instruction. You’d say again—stressing this time—that you’d like your…

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Five Oil Guys Bet On The Price Of Oil

You can guess what happened cant you….. The key players:   Ed Crooks, energy editor of Financial Times, @Ed_Crooks   Chris Nelder, energy futurist and author of “Profit from the Peak,” @chrisnelder   Steve Levine, Washington correspondent of Quartz and author of “The Powerhouse,” @stevelevine   Russell Gold, Wall Street Journal senior energy reporter and…

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Does Nobody Look Out The Window

I have always been amazed when ships bang into things even today. It surprises me that whilst only travelling at  jogging pace with unlimited visibility and the benefit of radar that they still seem to manage to hit things be it another boat. Which must be harder because it is also moving. Or simply trying to drive the…

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Dont You Just Hate It When….

….evidence gets in the way of being trendy… And yet, according to the new study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, some hunter-gatherers from what is now Italy actually worked hard to eat carbs. They developed tools and multi-step heating technologies to process different grains, particularly oats and acorns. To figure…

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