A Few Random Thoughts

These are some random thoughts I have been putting together following the events of last week. 1. Markets move from manic to panic within a few sessions. Those who still cling to the outdated notion that humans are rational assume that when markets transition they do so in an orderly fashion. The thinking is that…

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Gold Reserves

A question was raised in the comments section about the level of gold reserves held by Greece – a bit of google-fu shows something very interesting. The Greeks are better off than we are and we produce most of the damned stuff. Source – Wikipedia

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Flash Gordon

Apologies to those who got the theme to this appalling film stuck in their heads. This is from Highlander, Queens second attempt at scoring a film.    

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Traders’ Hormones’ May Destabilize Financial Markets

You could probably call this the here hold my beer and watch this hypothesis.. Researchers simulated the trading floor in the lab by having volunteers buy and sell assets among themselves. They measured the volunteers’ natural hormone levels in one experiment and artificially raised them in another. When given doses of either hormone, the volunteers…

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ETF’, ETF’s, ETF’s…..Everywhere

Flash a-ahSavior of the UniverseFlash a-ahHe’ll save every one of us(Seemingly there is no reason for these extraordinary intergalactical upsets)(Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha)(What’s happening Flash?)(Only Doctor Hans Zarkhov, formerly at NASA, has provided any explanation)Flash a-ahHe’s a miracle(This morning’s unprecedented solar eclipse is no cause for alarm)Flash a-ahKing of the impossibleHe’s for…

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Well……This Seems Familar

As I watch my position in lean hogs gyrate in the wind I was reminded of these episode of the King of Queens. If you are not having a long breakfast skip to 15:20 for the most relevant piece and avoid the last few minutes since it is the usual childish American ending.    

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And Now Something About Volatility.

Here is a news flash for. Nobody in the financial media has any understanding of volatility at all – if you are surprised then you probably shouldn’t be trading.  Much of the talk surrounding the issues with Greece have centred around how volatile markets have become, these statements are made without even understanding what volatility…

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Before Everyone Drops Their Bundle….

It is always good to take a step back from media hype and bluster about the world ending and actually look at what is happening in the markets. I headed off to training this morning with some peanut on the radio jabbering on about how the Dow had collapsed some 350 points and I thought…

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I have just done the Market Wrap for Talking trading and part of the conversation was regarding Greece. The thing I find intriguing about the markets reaction to the prospect of Greece being booted out of the EU and defaulting on its loan obligations is that everyone is surprised that it is happening. Defaulting on…

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Its So Hard To be Super Rich

The new rich have developed their own annual migration pattern. While the wealthy of the past traveled mainly for leisure and climate — the ocean breezes of New England in the summer and the sunny golf greens of Palm Beach in winter — today’s rich crisscross the globe almost monthly in search of access, entertainment…

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