The Seduction of Inertia

It is often said that there is a relationship between the length of a text message that you receive and the mental stability of the person that is sending the message. Messages that run to only a few words to my mind demonstrate both an understanding of the what the technology is actually for and…

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When Does Work Actually Get Done?

If we’re going to be precise about it, work gets done at 11AM on a Monday in October. At all other times of day, we’re basically slacking from our most productive. Sustaining 8 hours-plus of intense focus year-round is more of a Herculean pipe dream than a reality of the modern day workplace. We come…

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Do investors holding an asset in the midst of a price bubble all come to share similar beliefs, even if they did not do so previously?  Asset price bubbles are unfailingly supported by a captivating narrative, which is ‘validated’ by price movements, draws in investors and allows for traditional valuation considerations to be discarded.  It…

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The Power of (Admitting Your) Mistakes

I once knew a girl whose father had, when she was just a little child, left her mother one night without warning or explanation, who grew up to be a young woman that was always seeking that absent father. She sought him in bad relationships, where neither person could give the other what they needed,…

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How Big is the Hedge Fund Industry?

Over the past 20 years, hedge funds have gained almost mythic status. Loved and loathed, they are held to be sharply distinct from the broader asset management industry. The fortunes of the best-known firms are followed with great interest. There is nothing that definitively marks hedge fund managers apart from other investment managers, however. Instead,…

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It rained a little.

If you live in Eastern Australia you couldn’t help but notice that over the weekend it rained a little. This rain was both preceded and accompanied by warnings of an impending apocalypse. A succession of emergency service personal and politicians told me that the end of days was upon us and that we were all…

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Market Stages

One of the most interesting things about markets is that they are not an homogeneous ecology – those who lack experience in trading or investing tend to speak about equity markets as if every segment is exactly the same as every other segment. It is obvious that the market is split into segments based upon…

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Bitcoins Rise In Context

The WSJ generated a neat little chart that put the rise of Bitcoin this year into context by dropping it in a timeline with other speculative bubbles. One of the joys of longevity is I remember all of these bubbles and have participated in all bubble since the 1980’s stock market boom and the life…

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Is It Any Wonder Journalists Are Poor

Occasionally you come across a piece of investment advice that is so poor that it makes you wonder what were they thinking – or perhaps not thinking. A piece appeared on Bloomberg last night and was later reprinted in the Fairfax press that is titled –Invest in Bitcoin, Even If It’s a Bubble. It then…

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