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Why bad ideas refuse to die

That’s easy – vast numbers of people are friggen stupid. If you don’t believe me just check out Facebook. Today’s rejuvenated flat-Earth philosophy, as promoted by rappers and YouTube videos, is not simply a recrudescence of pre-scientific ignorance. It is, rather, the mother of all conspiracy theories. The point is that everyone who claims the…

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EOFY Dodgy Excel Time

With the EOFY it was time to fire up excel and play with some stock returns. I took the S&P/ASX 50 and decided to see how each stock had fared during the year, this gave me the table below which I have sorted on the basis of highest to lowest. In terms of observations about…

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Culturally Constructed Ignorance Wins the Day

I spend much of my time shrugging off breathless news events. Ebola (now Zika), employment reports, Federal Reserve rate changes, government shutdowns, peak earnings and so on. Much of what passes for earth-shaking news turns out to be, with the benefit of hindsight, something in between idle gossip and fear-mongering. The genuine, not well-anticipated, actual…

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Of Pounds And Poundage

Just an interesting little bit of context regarding the pound which seems to be undergoing it usual once a decade mid life crisis. As you can see from the chart below the drop last week is in many instances just an acceleration in an existing long term downtrend.

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My Adventure With Telstra

I like the rest of Australia share a hate-hate relationship with TLS. They are a bumbling, incompetent bunch of dicks that we are stuck with courtesy of successive bumbling incompetent governments who have had their heads firmly rooted up their arses when it comes to communications policy. Where else in the world would you have…

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Do Experts Know Anything?…..Probably Not…

This has been a terrible day for experts. Economic professionals were overwhelmingly of the opinion that leaving the European Union would hurt the United Kingdom. And until a few hours ago, the consensus of public opinion experts — at least if one uses prediction markets as a proxy — was that voters would in the end…

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