More Bullshit

Whilst perusing my LinkedIn account I came across this reply to an already bloated and nonsensical piece supposedly analyzing the market – the chart in question looked more like someone had picked up a bowl of pasta and lobbed it against the wall. Responding to this masterpiece of analysis was this enlighting gem. Please permit…

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Meat Loaf

Dead is dead. Two days ago, nobody was talking about Meat Loaf. Two days from now they won’t be either, unless it’s to say he was an anti-vaxxer. “Bat Out of Hell” was successful for one reason and one reason only, Steve Popovich. Pop was a legendary promo man at CBS Records who left to…

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Wealthy Investors, SMSFs Buy The Crypto Dip

Cryptocurrency trading platforms report a spike in activity from self-managed superannuation funds and rich wholesale investors even as the value of global digital assets tanked by $US1 trillion ($1.4 trillion). Micro-investing app Bamboo has detected a 17 per cent spike in sign-ups from SMSF trustees in the past month. The app allows investors to deploy…

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Former Darlings Of The Pandemic.

It is interesting how nothing lasts forever and sentiment can change in the blink of an eye. Peloton was supposed to revolutionise fitness and Zoom was to be the tool that carried us through the boom in working from home. Sentiment can be a bastard of a thing if you are on the wrong side…

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How to Invest Your Money When Inflation is High

Inflation is back with a vengeance.  This week the BLS reported 6.2% inflation for the year ending October 2021. And, as Bloomberg noted, this is the highest inflation has been since 1990: While this can be somewhat alarming, inflation from October 2019 to October 2020 was just 1.2%, so the two-year inflation is about 3.7% on an annualized…

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How to perform well under pressure

Whatever sphere you inhabit, whether you’re a pro or amateur athlete, businessperson, teacher, full-time parent or something else entirely, you’re bound to have felt the pressure of your own expectations and the expectations of others. Almost everyone must cope with daunting situations, in which they don’t feel they have the skills needed to succeed and…

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Limited Attention, Marital Events and Hedge Funds

Abstract We explore the impact of limited attention by analyzing the performance of hedge fund managers who are distracted by marital events. We find that marriages and divorces are associated with significantly lower fund alpha, during the six-month period surrounding and the two-year period after the event. Busy managers who manage multiple funds and who…

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The Economics of the Beatles vs. the Rolling Stones

After watching the Beatles: Get Back sessions, Cameron Abadi was inspired to dive deeper into the economics of the Beatles versus the Rolling Stones with Adam Tooze. So, rock lovers rejoice, that’s what you’ll get in the second half of Ones and Tooze this week. But first, Tooze and Abadi dig into the heated online debate over price controls.…

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