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Math As Myth

For all of the appearances of the golden ratio, there many be even more erroneous sightings of it. The spiral of the nautilus’ shell is often said to fit precisely within a golden rectangle regardless of its size. But that is untrue. Each nautilus shell does maintain the same proportions throughout the animal’s life (that…

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Behavioural Finance Experts

I was not able to embed the video so click on the image below to be taken to the WSJ Watch: How to Tame Your Emotions When Investing Watch three Experts–Meir Statman of Santa Clara University and author of “What Investors Really Want,” Terrance Odean of the University of California, Berkeley and consultant, writer and investment adviser Tom…

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Fear Or A Lack Of Discipline

Following my piece on fear I got a few comments from people that indicate that many confuse a lack of discipline with fear. To me fear is a visceral experience, it is almost tangible in the way it can paralyse ones actions and distort thinking. A lack of discipline is a behavioural trait and is…

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Geeky Lecture On Exercise Science

Take home points for me – 1. Much of public health policy is based upon shaky evidence. It is my experience that is also true about nutritional recommendations as well – if you want to lose weight turn the traditional food pyramid upside down. 2. Response to exercise is very idiosyncratic. This has been my…

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2014 Porsche 911 Turbo

0 to 100 in 3.2 seconds which makes it just a shade slower to 100 than the current range of Ducati’s I have not been a fan of this car since I nearly punted one of them off the end of the Frankston freeway nearly 30 years ago. When I was told the new model…

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HFT Is Evil….So Says Charlie Munger

Funny thing is I thought that according to this group derivatives were the spawn of the devil……oh but thats right they are only the spawn of the devil is you lose money doing it. I would guess so to is taking billions in bail out money was also pretty bad but WTF…. And for a…

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