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Hedge Funds Are for Suckers

At the height of the financial crisis in 2008, a group of famous hedge fund managers was made to stand before Congress like thieves in a stockade and defend their existence to an angry public. The gilded five included George Soros, co-founder of the Quantum Fund; James Simons of Renaissance Technologies; John Paulson of Paulson…

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Year In Review

I had thought of doing a year in review table that looked at the returns from various assets but I have always found this sort of thing to be bullshit and the preserve of financial journalists. There is stuff all value in telling people what you can see in your rear view mirror. The major…

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There Is A Lesson In This

Anderson Silva has rightly been regarded as the preeminent MMA fighter of his generation. Unbeaten in seven years it was thought he would make short work of his latest challenger. As is his style Silvan arrogantly bobbed, weaved and taunted his opponent to hit him…and his opponent obliged him. There are times when you can…

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QOTD actually more like paragraph of the day and comes from a strength and conditioning site – When setting goals, keep your goal specific to yourself and a select few. Keep your goal general to all others. In other words, if your goal is to bench 400 pounds, keep that as a marker in your…

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My Biggest Gripe

At the end of every financial year the media generally does a wrap up of how various asset classes performed over the previous year. As you would expect some went up some went down and some went up and then down in spectacular fashion. Nothing new or enlightening. These lists are good only from an…

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Apple Recommendations Versus Staff Transactions

Here are two pieces of information that I find oddly juxtaposed. The first is a list of broker recommendations for Apple – no prizes for guessing that they have been recommending it all the way down. And this is notable  staff trading in Apple. What to make of it – undoubtedly nothing. However, it is…

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Using Money To Buy Happiness

Gareth Cook: What is the biggest misconception people have about the relationship between money and happiness? Michael Norton: One of the things that my coauthor Liz Dunn and I hear again and again when we ask people about money and happiness is a simple phrase: more is better. In general, we all believe that having…

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Thinking Fast And Slow

Over the years I have noticed some odd similarities between many of the things I do and trading. When I first started in the martial arts I like everyone else thought that there must be some super secret technique and I set out to learn every technique I could. This mythology is actively encouraged by…

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