A General Feeling Of Disorder

If new thoughts about illness and recovery—or old thoughts in new form—have been stimulated by thinking back to my first patients, they have been given an unexpected salience by a very different personal experience in recent weeks. On Monday, February 16, I could say I felt well, in my usual state of health—at least such…

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Being A Pig

One of the few books in my investment library that I still thumb through on a regular basis is Market Wizards – every other book gets read once and then dumped in the back of the bookshelf. One lesson that I took from Market Wizards was from Stanley Drunkenmillar who used to run George Soro’s…

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Our Gambling Culture

We tend to speak of short-termism as though it’s a problem that only afflicts investors or corporate leaders, but that’s not the case. Short-term thinking pervades our most important institutions, from government to households. We’ve created a gambling culture in which we tune out everything except the most immediate outcomes. If we’re going to meet our…

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Jim Simons Story

As the average investor or trader who the worlds best investor/trader is and chances are the name Warren Buffett will be thrown around liberally. Unfortunately, like most things the masses believe they are wrong. The best I know of in in this field is Jim Simons who has a truly remarkable public record. The two…

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What If Sir Isaac Newton Had Been a Trend Follower?

Interesting look at bubbles and the impact of timing upon them. Abstract:       Investment manias and financial bubbles have likely existed for as long as humans have been involved in financial markets. In this research piece we take a look at some of the more famous market bubbles in history and the extreme volatility…

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When ‘Moneyball’ Meets Medicine

What’s worse: Ebola or AIDS? Measles or malnutrition?Lung cancer or low back pain? As individuals, as a nation, and as a global community, where should we focus our time and money to improve lives the most? The way we usually answer these questions is to count the number of deaths: The more people killed, the more important the problem. Counting deaths…

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Poverty Shrinks Brains from Birth

The stress of growing up poor can hurt a child’s brain development starting before birth, research suggests—and even very small differences in income can have major effects on the brain. Researchers have long suspected that children’s behaviour and cognitive abilities are linked to their socioeconomic status, particularly for those who are very poor. The reasons…

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Sovereign Wealth Funds

In the circuitous way you often come to things I was looking at a collection of charts on base metals. As you can see from the screenshot below there really has been nothing to get excited about over the past few years, which puts lie to the notion of our supposed mining boom. What we…

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Designing Your Life

“It took off in just about a heartbeat,” says Evans, who oversees instruction with help from guest lecturers and a small army of student volunteers, who lead discussion groups. Today, 17% of seniors enroll in “Designing Your Life,” and many more vie for the limited seats in each section. “We’ve had students literally teach the…

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