What An Ordinary Market Looks Like

During the week I posted a link to some remarkable charts coming out of China. These show what a market in the grip of mania look like. The chart below is what a market that is struggling to get out of bed looks like.  

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Its Friday

And I am about to jump a plane to speak at Michael Yardneys Wealth Retreat but before I go, a little something that reinforces the first rule of Buddhism – dont be a dickhead….    

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Why The Oldest Person In The World Keeps Dying

Weaver’s five-day run as the oldest person in the world was short, but it turns out that the oldest person in the world never holds that title for very long. Since records started being kept in the 1950s, the average tenure has been just around a year, according to the Gerontology Research Group; it has…

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So What?

I got bounced the snippet below by a punter who had taken it from The Reformed Broker This particular punter has a penchant for anything that indicates that the market might be about to have a correction of any sort. As such they are drawn to this sort of analysis. The drivel about trailing PE’s…

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Vampire CEO’s

There is no rational basis for these phenomena “A major study by the economists Xavier Gabaix and Augustin Landier, who happen to believe that current compensation levels are economically efficient,” writes the New Yorker, “ found that if the company with the 250-most-talented CEO suddenly managed to hire the most talented CEO its value would increase…

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Killing the Myth About How Hedge Funds Generate Alpha

Intriguing piece since it is based upon the assumption that hedge funds actually generate alpha. An assumption that seems a little tenuous given the chronic underperformance of hedge funds. The genesis of this myth comes from the insider trading scandals of the 1980’s, leading to one of the most famous movies about financial markets of…

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