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How Neuroscientists and Magicians Are Conjuring Brain Insights The Neuroscience of Effort Robbie Adams: Recording U2′s Achtung Baby & Zooropa We’re creating a culture of distraction  

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One In Ten Are Cretins

Whilst eating my vegemite and toast this morning I heard on the radio that one in ten people believe the Mayan prophecy that the world will end on December 21 2012.  If this is true then these folks should be rounded up and quarantined from the rest of us, as should their children because being…

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Bear Market Duration

So I was sitting on my arse in front of the idiot box last night enjoying the cinematic delights of Moby Dick 2010 on the Universal channel which runs mockbuster mayhem evenings. Which if you have cable you have to check out. They are friggen hialrious. Any way in one of the ad breaks –…

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Time To Go All Philosophical

So gather round for a group hug followed by inappropriate touching. These were bounced to me this morning. I believe they are called The Paradoxical Commandments by Kent Keith circa 1968 – amazing what you can find on google. It does have a distinctly 60’s feel to it. I do note that the date of…

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Did a Stuck Quote Prevent a Facebook Opening Day Pop?

Nanex ~ 25-May-2012 On 18-May-2012, within seconds of the opening in Facebook, we noticed an exceptional occurrence: Nasdaq quotes had higher bid prices than ask prices. This is called a cross market and occurs frequently between two different exchanges, but practically never on the same exchange (the buyer just needs to match up with the seller,…

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Answering The Big Questions…

Why do bubbles sink in Guinness? Stout beers show the counter-intuitive phenomena of sinking bubbles while the beer is settling. Previous research suggests that this phenomena is due the small size of the bubbles in these beers and the presence of a circulatory current, directed downwards near the side of the wall and upwards in…

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Investors Count Losses On Detroit property

I wonder how many local investors have been caught the same way. I do know folks who decided it was a good thing to buy US property at $US0.65 despite advice to contrary because the spruiker who pushed the idea said currency fluctuations didn’t matter.

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If you summoned up the worlds most powerful microscope you still would not be able to locate my level if interest in US tax policy – I have enough trouble getting excited about tax domestically. However, I was reading some stuff post the Facebook IPO which proved to be a bit of a squib when…

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And Then There Was One

Never a fan of the Saturday Night Fever stuff but the early stuff still gets played in the car. I must be getting old – the people I grew up with are all moving on…

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Paper Tigers

This intriguing piece occupied my weekends reading – its a fascinating insight into stereotypes and what they mean to the individual being cast in a certain way.

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Facebook IPO

Two interesting graphics from the NYT comparing Facebook to other tech IPO’s The original link is worth clicking on since it has a nice little interactive graphic that looks at a range of post IPO outcomes.

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