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So What About 2016?

Currently the media is awash for predictions for next year, some are optimistic, some are pessimistic and all are bullshit. The world would be a lot better off if idiots in financial markets who thought they could predict the future would just spontaneously self combust and leave the rest of us grown ups alone. So…

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It is no secret that I am a fan of combat sports, to me there is no purer expression of a contest than two people with nowhere to go. There is no other sport that comes close irrespective of what fans of other codes think. In every other sport I have played it is possible…

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Time Management Podcast

Christmas can leave us feeling out of breath. We almost all feel as though we don’t have enough time. Download this free podcast, created just for you by Louise Bedford and Michael Yardney, and you’ll discover: 1. How to focus on what’s really important so you get more done in less time. 2. One serious…

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The Knowledge

Twenty-five thousand streets, 100,000 landmarks, 320 main routes criss-crossing the most congested city in Europe, all committed to memory. This is what it takes to drive one of London’s iconic black taxis. Since 1865, London taxi drivers have had to pass “the Knowledge of London,” a gruelling training course that requires knowing every street within a…

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The Impact Of News

This is quite a lengthy but interesting piece which forms part of a PhD submission.  I have snipped out a portion of the introduction that makes some interesting statements about the role of new in trader behaviour and the impact of news upon sophisticated and non sophisticated investors. The author uses an interesting technique for defining…

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The 10 Most Controversial Psychology Studies Ever Published

10. Libet’s Challenge to Free Will Your decisions feel like your own, but Benjamin Libet’s study using electroencephalography (EEG) appeared to show that preparatory brain activity precedes your conscious decisions of when to move. One controversial interpretation is that this challenges the notion that you have free will. The decision of when to move is…

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The coffee-machine bacteriome

Microbial communities are ubiquitous in both natural and artificial environments. However, microbial diversity is usually reduced under strong selection pressures, such as those present in habitats rich in recalcitrant or toxic compounds displaying antimicrobial properties. Caffeine is a natural alkaloid present in coffee, tea and soft drinks with well-known antibacterial properties. Here we present the…

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