Why Have I Not Heard More About This Lad?

Mubasshir Murshed, fondly known as “Mub” by his friends, is a 17-year-old mathematics genius who has been given the rare honour, for someone of his age, of being published in a national academic journal. His achievement sounds complicated for the uninitiated — he has written an equation that proves “why a parabola is the only…

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There But For One Man……

On September 26, 1983, the planet came terrifyingly close to a nuclear holocaust. The Soviet Union’s missile attack early warning system displayed, in large red letters, the word “LAUNCH”; a computer screen stated to the officer on duty, Soviet Lt. Col. Stanislav Petrov, that it could say with “high reliability” that an American intercontinental ballistic missile…

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This Day Changed My Life

Rick Beato is probably my go to music guy. His breakdown of songs as to what makes them great is a masterclass in understanding the language of your profession. His enthusiasm for all things music as well as his talent makes for a wonderful way to spend some quality time on the internet. The clip…

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Where The Big Money Lives

The chart below is from Institutional Investor and it tracks where family offices which are essentially private wealth management groups are placing their capital. These charts always tend to follow a very generic flow – a lot in liquid assets such as equities, nowhere near as much as you would think in real estate and…

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The Basics

One of the podcasts on my playlist is the Real Science of Sport and in the current episode, they speak to Peter Bills the author of The Jersey which is an insight into why the New Zealand All Blacks are without a doubt the worlds most dominant sporting team. During the conversation Bills mentioned that…

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Insider Trading Is Rife….Apparently

Whilst sitting in the physio this morning I saw an item scroll across the bottom of the TV that was on stating that academics had found that insider trading among Australian company directors was rampant. Whenever academics claim to have found anything to do with markets I have to go and investigate because it is…

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My Chat With AlphaMind

Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Steven Goldstein and Mark Randall from AlphaMind. During our chat, we ranged far and wide over all things trading psychology including some reminiscing about the good old days of being on dealing floors. It is well worth subscribing to their podcast if you…

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The Psychology of Prediction

…..I believe in prediction. I think you have to in order to get out of bed in the morning. But prediction is hard. Either you know that or you’re in denial about it. A lot of the reason it’s hard is because the visible stuff that happens in the world is a small fraction of…

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This Is How To Rewire Your Brain For Happiness

Someone compliments you and you think, “They don’t mean it.” Something good happens and you hear, “I don’t deserve this.” You’re meeting new people and it’s, “They won’t like me.” And you usually accept those words because they’re coming from inside your head. It’s like the horror movie where the calls from the killer are…

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Is WeWork A Fraud

I offer the piece below not with any knowledge of WeWork outside of knowing that it is a serviced office group that is trying to pass itself off as a technology company but rather as an example of how brokers, analysts and commentators can become wedded to a narrative and that this marriage can be…

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Are you on Priority Notification for our Mentor Program?

If not, you’re simply missing out. This will be our 20th year of running our Mentor Program and to celebrate, we’re giving away a heap of free resources to everyone who is ‘Mentor Program Curious’. To get into the Mentor Program, you need to register for Priority Notification. Click here to tick that off the list.

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