Work Smarter

Trading is awesome, horrific, delightful and agonising – often all at the same time. You’re going to want the support of a Mentor who has true longevity in the markets, and can teach you to tiptoe through the minefield. You’ve gotta work smarter. Some of the hardest working people I’ve ever known were just digging…

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A Shortcut for Decision Making

Ever been confronted with a decision that seems so hard, so confusing, so ambiguous that you’ve chosen to avoid that decision entirely? Sure… we all have. I’ve got a valuable shortcut for you that can be applied to every area of your life. Ask yourself… “What would a smart person do?” Then, go do that. For goodness…

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Here’s The Price to be Paid for Listening to ‘Armageddonist’ Predictions

Dire predictions of imminent stock-market doom are a recurring feature since the 2008 financial crisis, and one fund industry executive has had enough. Michael Cembalest, the chairman of market and investment strategy for J.P. Morgan Asset Management, rounded up apocalyptic predictions from a range of commentators, including famed investor George Soros, bond-market giant Jeffrey Gundlach,…

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How Long Can They Keep This Up?

You’ve got to wonder: “How long can Chris and Louise keep this up? They’ve been running the Mentor Program for 20 years… it’s the longest running repeat-for-free trading Mentor Program in the world. When are they going to quit?” Well, it’s a good question. We’ve toyed with the idea. Played with it, like a cat…

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Prediction Of The Day

Stupid prediction from a soft article in the AFR today. UBS is forecasting the price of gold will remain above $US1500 ($2169) through the middle of 2020, rising to $US1650 an ounce by June 2022. JPMorgan is also expecting an increase, forecasting the gold price will remain higher than $US1500 until at least the end…

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When Something Works Its Obvious

One of the things with biomedical research of any genre is that so much of any benefit can only be seen with complex and powerful statistical tools. And more often than not these tools are applied to studies that have taken place in a laboratory on populations of mice that have been specially bred for…

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The Happiness Ruse

In 1920, the American psychologist John B Watson published the results of one of the more ethically dubious scholarly articles of the past century. Along with Rosalie Rayner, a 21-year-old graduate student at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, where he taught, Watson aimed to instil a specific fear in an otherwise normal baby. Until then,…

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I Remember Another One

I am back on the theme of idiots in this business. At a conference overseas many years ago LB was talking to a group of female traders who mentioned that they were always losing money trading options. So she enquired a bit deeper. It turns out that the strategy they had been told to use…

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