Long Play

McCartney has worked so hard at seeming an ordinary bloke that it is easy to miss the least ordinary and least bloke-ish thing about him: the magnitude of his melodic gift. A genius for melody is a strange, surprisingly isolated talent, and doesn’t have much to do with a broader musical gift for composition; Mozart…

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The Cure For Fear

Kindt, 48, has devoted her career to understanding human fear and memory. She has built her own laboratory, published in the most prestigious scientific journals, and developed a simple treatment she hopes might one day help millions of people who suffer from PTSD, phobias, and other anxiety disorders. In her clinic, she has seen it…

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Bikes Again

Last week I wrote about the problems people had drawing an item they were often intimately familiar with.  The study I cited was used as a mechanism to highlight the fact that we actually know less than we think we do. Coincidentally Gianluca Gimini an artist has been collecting images of bike drawings since 2009 and…

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Do What You Say You Are Going To Do

Today has been clean out day for part of my email archive and as usual it is filled with the detritus that you pick up over the months.  But this clean out is slightly different because it had a distinct theme, this folder was full of emails from people who were promising to develop stuff,…

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You Cant Keep A Good Bubble Down.

Jeremy He started pouring his savings into commodities last month after losing money in China’s stock rout and deciding that returns from his WMPs were too low. The 25-year-old employee at a multinational trade company in Shanghai set up a joint account with his friend to trade futures on rebar, coal and cotton, making as…

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The Markets Have Gone Mad – Gold Coast, May 29

Due to an amusing website glitch, I will be extending the Early Bird Special Offer by 1-day for our Markets Gone Mad Gold Coast function. Almost every day, I get emails from traders, wanting to know which markets to trade at the moment. They want to know how to raid the markets… raid the profits…

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A Long Term View

It has been some time since I took a really long term view of a market. It tends not to be part of my trading vernacular simply because of the time frames I trade, to my way of thinking data drifts off into the irrelevant beyond a certain point. However, as a student of the…

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The Devils Wager

The Devil looks you in the eyes and offers you a bet. Pick a number and if you successfully guess the total he’ll roll on two dice you get to keep your soul. If any other number comes up, you go to burn in eternal hellfire. You call “7” and the Devil rolls the dice.…

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They’re The Greatest Cover Band In History….

In a cramped suburban Philadelphia office piled high with file folders and documents, Francis Malofiy grabs a steel-stringed acoustic guitar from the corner and places it on his knee. As the 38-year-old lawyer starts to play, the first few notes sound unmistakably like those in Stairway to Heaven. Or do they? Malofiy claims Led Zeppelin filched the iconic arpeggio from a long-forgotten band named Spirit.…

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Take Me Out To The Ball Park

The Americans have at the centre of their sporting culture three of the most boring games ever invented. A game of gridiron can last some three hours but only around 12 minutes of that is actual playing time, the rest is commercials and replays of the paltry 12 minutes of playing time. Basketball consists of…

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