Ok…..Im Confused

This popped up on my feed this morning. Long story made short. All analysts say Spotless is a bust, one analyst says no you are all dickheads – its actually worth $1.15. Spotless halves and then through a fluke gets a takeover bid lifting prices to $1.05. Analyst who said it was worth $1.15 is hailed…

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Playing Versus Doing

A mate of mine sent me the clip below. I am an unabashed fan of combat sports. I accept that they are violent in tone and to the outsider appear brutal with potentially devastating long term consequences for the participants. Anyone who has ever been hit in the head can attest to how awful it…

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RIP Chuck Berry

This is my favourite Chuck Berry clip simply for the wild eyed look he gets when Yoko One starts squealing as if someone had given her a Rubiks Cube suppository…

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Financial Disclosure

The disclosure statement below is currently doing the rounds and it is apparently from a long defunct fund called the IPS Millennium Fund. Apparently it is being lauded as being an honest example of what a disclosure statement should be instead of the usual corporate speak that these things are comprised of.  However, the tone of…

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Are market bubbles caused by traders’ testosterone levels?

Research conducted at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) has determined that psychological momentum significantly affects performance among men but not among women, which may account for exaggerated risk-taking in financial and business endeavors among males. Psychological momentum is defined as a state-of-mind where an individual or a team feels things are going unstoppably their…

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I woke up this morning to note that my short term positions in gold and silver had been knocked out by a spike overnight. This meant that the last pyamid position was a loss and because I run a wide stop the overall position was just a bit better than breakeven and I thought…bugger. Then…

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A long read but worth it. In the past I have written about the danger of combining hubris with concentration bets. One day in the summer of 2011, Christine Richard arrived at the forty-second floor of a high-rise on Fifty-seventh Street in Manhattan to visit a hedge fund called Pershing Square Capital Management. Richard worked…

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When I first went to university the initial week was filled with the usual getting to know the lay of the land such as how the library works (in a surprisingly mysterious way I might add), where various labs where and what the protocol for various subjects was. One of the most striking events was…

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