A Born Natural?

NO-ONE WAS ‘born a natural’ at trading. It’s something you have to work at every day. You must chip away the rough edges to reveal the perfect trading plan. Sand back the psychological misadventures, before you can glide into profits. You end up falling in love with the messy process that trading is. Whenever I…

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WE ALL LOSE OUR way sometimes. Even after you’ve nailed this trading game, and you’ve come out on top, sometimes it seems like the universe likes to screw with you and make you feel like life is a big Jenga game. The only constant with this is YOU. You’re the one in the screenplay of…

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Push from the Front

MANY YEARS AGO, when I had a ‘real job’, I used to run a department where a bunch of reporters would call up companies and update their credit histories. Graduates, straight out of business school. Young, hopeful, and enthusiastic. A top entry job, with a bright future assured. I remember I was holding an interview…

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Safe Havens

Within trading there are a few implicitly stated rules – perhaps first and foremost of these is the acceptance of risk for the opportunity to profit. The balancing act between risk and reward has over the decades been fertile ground for academics to traders. Academics seek a mythical middle ground that defines an appropriate balance…

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Attention, Social Interaction, and Investor Attraction to Lottery Stocks

We test the hypothesis that retail investors’ attraction to lottery stocks induces overvaluation, and is amplified by high attention and social interactions. The lottery premium (negative abnormal returns) is stronger for high-retail-ownership stocks—especially those that also have high analyst coverage, high latest absolute earnings surprises, or extreme recent positive returns. The premium is also larger…

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What Statistics Can and Cant Tell Us About Ourselves.

Harold Eddleston, a seventy-seven-year-old from Greater Manchester, was still reeling from a cancer diagnosis he had been given that week when, on a Saturday morning in February, 1998, he received the worst possible news. He would have to face the future alone: his beloved wife had died unexpectedly, from a heart attack. Eddleston’s daughter, concerned…

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Born Famous? – by Jason McIntosh

How many people are born famous? Not many, right? With a few exceptions, fame is a by-product of success. The spotlight typically only shines on people after they’ve made it. A successful company isn’t that different. Most businesses start out with a founder and an idea. They then take time to grow. Once you hear…

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One Of These Is Not The Same

This post follows on in a somewhat tangential way from my earlier posting on the notion that retail is dead and there is a recession on the horizon – the chart action of retailers seems to show a different story. But financial journalists have bever been known to let facts get in the way of…

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Curious about Our Mentor Program?

Then you need to register for Priority Notification, so you can learn more, and get a heap of free trading resources. The Trading Mentor Program is a 6-month, repeat-for-free course. Become a superb trader, across every time frame, and with every instrument. We give you our personal secrets and tricks to help you can develop a…

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Apparently retail is dead….

According to financial journalists and various others, we are staring into the abyss of a recession and things will never be good again. So here is a question, why then are almost all listed retail stocks showing strong gains for the YTD. The exception being RFG which has apparently been naughty with its franchisees. Word…

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Short-sale constraints and stock price crash risk

We examine the relation between short-sale constraints and stock price crash risk. To establish causality, we take advantage of a regulatory change from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)’s Regulation SHO pilot program, which temporarily lifted short-sale constraints for randomly designated stocks. Using Regulation SHO as a natural experiment setting in which to apply a…

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