Do Investors Behave Like Lemmings?

With markets running nicely it might be time to revisit an old paper I have mentioned before called “Do investors behave like lemmings?” by Professors Richard Dale and Johnie Johnson* and Dr Leilei Tang. To which my immediate response was thank you for stating the bleeding obvious – next monkey and organ grinder please. The…

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Gangster Bankers

People may have outrage fatigue about Wall Street, and more stories about billionaire greedheads getting away with more stealing often cease to amaze. But the HSBC case went miles beyond the usual paper-pushing, keypad-punching­ sort-of crime, committed by geeks in ties, normally associated­ with Wall Street. In this case, the bank literally got away with…

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The Way They Live Now

I was reading this article by Michael Lewis when I came across this quote talking about Britain in the early 1980’s  – Nothing functioned properly; everything that wasn’t broken was about to fall apart. The food was almost deliberately inedible, an inside joke cooked up by the locals to see what human beings would willingly…

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Why We Lose At Games

I recently came across this paper Complex Dynamics in Learning Complicated Games which looks at why some games are easy to master whereas some harder skill based games such as Go or chess are much harder to master. In simple games with a limited number of moves the most effective strategy is fairly easy to…

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Trader Health

One of the drawbacks of trading as a profession is that you can inadvertently spend a lot of time sitting on your arse. Unfortunately, the health impacts of being sedentary are just being explored. I cam across this article which looks at the health benefits of various forms of exercise intensity. I always caution against…

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What To Do Now?

This is probably a question that many on the sidelines are asking themselves having missed the final quarter rally in equity markets. To be honest it is actually an extremely difficult question for a multitude of reasons. 1. There is the eternal question of have you missed the boat? 2. What happens if the market…

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The Retreat Of Mortality

This has all sorts of implications that in no way have been prepared for by government simply because they have neither the intellect to understand the problem nor the will to fix it. We are on our own with this one……………..

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Pundit Tracker

Unfortunately within the finance industry we are surrounded by brain dead plonks (generally economists) who make endless predictions all of which turn out to be wrong. Disappointingly these idiots are never held to account for their all pervasive cretinism. Pundit  Tracker is a US centric site but at first glance it seems like a good…

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