Louise was featured in the AFR

Louise was recently profiled in an article for the Australian Financial Review. We’ve extracted the information to this post for easy reading! Special Report Tuesday 6 December 2022 The Australian Financial Review Women investors take adversity in stride Alexandra Cain A plethora of statistics demonstrates how far behind women are, on average, when it comes…

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A little bit of history….. The demand for tulips of a rare species increased so much in the year 1636, that regular marts for their sale were established on the Stock Exchange of Amsterdam, in Rotterdam, Harlaem, Leyden, Alkmar, Hoorn, and other towns … The tulip-jobbers speculated in the rise and fall of the tulip…

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Maths Is Important

Trading is often presented as this enormously complex activity that requires great quantitative skills – this is not true. However, you do have to develop an intuitive feel for what some numbers mean. You will need to understand how to position size correctly, where to place your stop, and how to calculate your returns. But…

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More Than Half Of All Bitcoin Trades Are Fake

…One of the most common criticisms of bitcoin is pervasive wash trading (a form of fake volume) and poor surveillance across exchanges. The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission defines wash trading as “entering into, or purporting to enter into, transactions to give the appearance that purchases and sales have been made, without incurring market risk or…

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Why Can’t We Stop Changing Our Investment Process?

Imagine we are attempting to design a stock picking model that will outperform the market over the next ten years. After a great deal of forensic research and testing we finalise our approach. Although we couldn’t know this in advance, the system we devise is optimal – there is no better way of tackling the…

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Life Lessons from 1,000 Years

Every year on my birthday (January 5), I like to conduct some interesting exercise that will push me to grow in a new way. In past years, I’ve written gratitude letters to all of my close family and friends, gone on a 10-hour silent walk, and done a lengthy self-reflection process. But this year felt…

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