The best place to invest is…

Let me start today’s blog by asking you a question.  What separates successful investors from unsuccessful ones? Some of you may have answered with ‘years of experience’, others may have gone with ‘receiving good advice’. Some may have even said it comes down to luck. But I am a firm believer that to be a…

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Well That Must Suck

If you were in Melbourne over the weekend it would have been hard to miss the fact that there was a football match on and with all such things weird stories emerge from the woodwork. Apparently one lucky punter quite early in the year generated a multi -legged bet that had Dustin Martin winning the…

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Ray Dalio: Why I Came Out of the Woodwork

….For Dalio, the current issue at hand is for people to come together and have “thoughtful disagreements” concerning their conflicts, especially since the divergences are now possibly much greater than they have ever been. These political and social differences are one of the main reasons as to why he feels that—in a world where timing…

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The Joy Of Looking Backwards

The other day whilst pulling into my gym I hit a magpie. Not a brilliant start to the workout since my favourite alarm clock is the sound of magpies singing and I have made friends with all the magpies in my area – obviously not the one I ran over. I only knew I had…

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Wall Street’s Best-Kept Secret

On East 83rd Street there’s a squat brick walk-up that’s a viable contender for the least fancy apartment building on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. But for the past 25 years, Wall Street machers and captains of industry have marched up to its gray-carpeted third floor to learn the secrets of attack and defense from Lev Alburt, a…

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Female hedge funds outperform those run by men

Hedge funds run by women have generated returns two times higher than their male counterparts this year, piling further pressure on a sector that has been branded “male, pale and stale” to recruit more female portfolio managers. The HFRX Women index, which pulls together the performance of female hedge fund managers, has returned 9.95 per…

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