A Tale Of Two Markets

In one of those wonderful dualisms that seem to accompany markets as prices go up people start calling for them to fall. The media of late has been awash with reports from various poorly performing fund managers as to why the market is about to crash.I understand the medias fascination with these voices – negativity…

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Can You Do It?

I was chatting to Jim Armstrong a mate of mine who teaches combatives/self defence and he is probably the best teacher of this sort of thing that I have come across in all my decades of knocking about the martial arts. The discussion turned to the notion being preemptive (language) – that is hitting someone first. Unfortunately,…

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Can a Stock-Trader-Turned-Convict Start a New Life?

One day in the middle of 2008, Sakhawat Khan, a Silicon Valley chip engineer, walked into a small house near the back of his two-acre property that his wife, Roomy, a stock trader, used as a home office. Roomy and Sakhawat met when they were electrical-engineering students at Columbia University. After graduating, Sakhawat started inventing,…

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Your True Opponent is Yourself

The reality is in competition, we will all compete against somebody who will simply out class us with talent, skill, and athleticism. There is only so much we can do against this external conflict, but the internal aspects of the battles are on us. We can choose to push forward and attack to the best of…

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Most Trading Strategies Are not tested Rigorously Enough

Financial research is highly prone to statistical distortion. Academics have the choice of many thousands of stocks, bonds and currencies being traded across dozens of countries, complete with decades’ worth of daily price data. They can backtest thousands of correlations to find a few that appear to offer profitable strategies. The paper points out that…

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Unintended Consequences

As a member of Empty Jets I noticed something similar the moment the mining infrastructure boom came to an end. Demand for private flying surged along. General-aviation operations at Midland International Airport jumped almost 10 percent in 2014, according to data reported to U.S. regulators. Now, private aviation’s role as canary-in-a-coal-mine is being watched closely…

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The Great Superannuation Exodus

According to the Sydney Morning Herald there has been an exodus of funds from large superannuation funds into self managed funds. The number of people with DIY super funds has grown by more than 30 per cent during the past five years to more than 1 million, collectively worth, in December last year, a whopping $568 billion.…

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