Dow Jones Monthly Returns

Apparently, the Dow has just logged its best June return in more than 80 years. You may ask exactly the WTF is so important about June which is exactly what I did when I glanced at the article. If your conclusion is that there is nothing special about June at all then you would be…

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The Right Way to Follow Your Passion

Passion can be an energizing, fulfilling force, the stuff upon which businesses are built, works of art are created and Olympic medals are won. However, if you’re not careful, passion can become an equally destructive curse, leading to suffering and distress. Understanding how this happens — and how you can prevent it — is integral…

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Astrology Beliefs among Undergraduate Students

A survey of the science knowledge and attitudes toward science of nearly 10000 undergraduates at a large public university over a 20-year period included several questions addressing student beliefs in astrology and other forms of pseudoscience. The results from our data reveal that a large majority of students (78%) considered astrology “very” or “sort of”…

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Personal Genius and Peer Pressure

Britt Harris: I have to surround myself with people who are strong in areas where I am not, whom I trust. The Texas model is in part about diversity of thinking, and diversity of thinking comes from knowing what your personal genius is, and what your perspective is. That helps you work on your strengths. It’s…

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Scary Chart of the Day

The chart below is from a recent analysis from the World Economic Forum The report points out in detail the simple fact that people are living longer than their retirements savings, the returns they have from their existing investments are inadequate and the government will struggle to make up any shortfall. The takeaway message is…

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What Happens to Your Body on a Long-Distance Swim

Ross Edgley, a British athlete and fitness enthusiast, is currently on a mission to swim 2,000 miles around the coast of Great Britain. That means spending 12 hours a day in cold, sea jelly–filled currents. The feat has been a dream of his since childhood, and after talking to rowers and gauging his ability to work with…

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This Prediction Thing Is Hard

The chart below shows a series of predictions by experts on the future of the US 10-year T-Note. As you can see they missed by miles which should not be any surprise at all what is surprising is that anyone still listens to them. Source – WSJ

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Volatility 101: An Introduction to Market Volatility

This is not a bad introductory primer on volatility which is one of the most misunderstood topics in trading. Although, I do think they make too much of extraneous fundamental factors such as news and earnings and not enough about herd behaviour. From my perspective volatility is simply a function of the human perceptual filter…

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Well that sucks…..

The Wall Street Journal says Los Angeles faces a glut of mansions built on spec and priced above $20 million. About 50 such houses are currently for sale, and there isn’t enough dumb money around to buy them all, so sellers are having to resort to both price cuts and absurd marketing techniques, such as open houses that are…

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