What To Do Now?

This is probably a question that many on the sidelines are asking themselves having missed the final quarter rally in equity markets. To be honest it is actually an extremely difficult question for a multitude of reasons. 1. There is the eternal question of have you missed the boat? 2. What happens if the market…

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The Retreat Of Mortality

This has all sorts of implications that in no way have been prepared for by government simply because they have neither the intellect to understand the problem nor the will to fix it. We are on our own with this one……………..

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Pundit Tracker

Unfortunately within the finance industry we are surrounded by brain dead plonks (generally economists) who make endless predictions all of which turn out to be wrong. Disappointingly these idiots are never held to account for their all pervasive cretinism. Pundit  Tracker is a US centric site but at first glance it seems like a good…

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Top Ten Blunders

I was trying to think of a reasonably concise list of the mistakes traders make on a regular basis and came up with the following. •Under capitalized. •Reliance on external sources. •Lack of a trading plan. •Inconsistent application of a trading plan. •Not taking losses. •Cutting profits too soon. •Misunderstanding how markets operate. •Lack of…

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With the market showing some signs of life and stockbrokers clambering out of their hibernation to tout how brilliant things are I thought it might be time for a cautionary cartoon for those seeking the counsel of others.

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Weekend Reading

Is Scientific Truth Always Beautiful? How to Lose $3 Million in 1 Second The Real, and Simple, Equation That Killed Wall Street There’s More to Life Than Being Happy            

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Bias Blind Spots

Of late my various feeds have been inundated by stories about Apple and its recent fall. For those of you who are late to the party here is a quick catch up. Apple makes things that a group known as fan-bois buy, fan-bois often queue up for days in advance to buy the latest iwanker.…

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