The opportunities the Mentor Program opens up are nothing short of astonishing.

Here are some of our most recent Mentor Program participants. Put yourself in the picture. They’re just a few months ahead of you in their trading learning curve.

When it’s your turn to take part in the Mentor Program, these people will become your trading buddies, opening the door to a brand new way of life.

Plus, you’ll have Chris and Louise beside you, every step of the way…


“I have loved every second of the Mentor Program! It’s been amazing to be surrounded by like-minded people who are venturing down the same trading path as I am – in real life people who share this goal are few and far between. I’ve really enjoyed sharing ideas with the other Mentorees in the group, as well as the valuable contributions from Mentorees who have completed the course previously. Added to this sense of community is the genuine warmth and care given to us by Louise as we gain hold of the new concepts – not to mention the eye-popping strategies and processes introduced by Chris! This course has blown my mind, and we’re only half way through!The support that we get and the generosity of our Mentors Chris and Louise has far exceeded my expectations – I’m so pleased to be a part of this trading community!”

– Jessica Peletier, Full-time Mum / part-time trader, Carnarvon WA


Malcolm-WaldockThe learning modality of the online forum has been incredibly effective. To share, observe and piggyback off other members learning has been a great way to embed new ideas and clarify understanding. I have never seen a forum work this well. Also, the level of passion, presence and availability of the “presenters” – Chris, Louise and Scott. Also the past Mentorees chiming in with appropriate comments has been very helpful.”This course saves you money – so it actually makes you money. You get to participate in a lively and supportive community forum and the presenters give 110% of themselves to make sure it works. I do not feel like I have wasted one cent.”

– Malcolm Waldock, Ironman Triathlon Aspirer, Sydney


“Not at all sure how I could have traded with any confidence prior to doing the Mentor Program.

I now know a group of like minded traders and struggling alone is out of the equation, – I trust that I now have the means to a more mature and very realistic view of the markets.

The efforts that Louise and Chris have extended to the group are amazing and the help from past Mentorees is invaluable.”

– Nils Thomson, Latin Enthusiast, North QLD



“For me I see trading as the most amazing journey that has the potential to change all aspects of your life. Trading is the tip of a self development iceberg. The Mentor Program has distilled the lessons of self discipline, self reliance, acknowledgement of weaknesses, focusing on strengths, being open, candid and caring for others. It’s helped me lick my wounds and get back up and I’m grateful for lessons learned. Chris and Louise have helped me question the herd mentaility, develop the art of stillness, patience, stay calm and know that helping others is helping yourself – to me these are all lessons that very few get the chance to develop yet our trading journey is providing.

We are very fortunate to be a part of the Mentor Program.”

– Andrew Urbahn, Osteopath, Buderim QLD



“There are some things that are very difficult to learn from reading a book i.e. riding a bicycle, driving a car, flying an aeroplane, and of course trading. The Mentor Program is the best thing I have done for myself in many years, and “I won’t be looking back”.
There is a huge separation from the TG program and others, and that is LB & CT have first hand experience on the subjects and there is just “no BS”. The forum, unlike others is to the point and BS is not in there. This part I like, where I don’t have to read paragraphs, to find I have read rubbish.If I had rubber legs, I’d be kicking my own back side for no getting involved sooner.LB, CT, our mentor buddies, past mentors are all dedicated to the success of the mentorees. What a great way to learn. My eyes really opened up wide when discussing the risk and position sizing. This blew me away. I was so ignorant of this prior to the Program. Chris Tate’s part about Guaranteed Stop Losses also just dumped me on the floor.

I wish I had done this course years ago.”

– Terry Gunning, Mechanical Maintenance – Mining, QLD


“Sometimes in your life you do something that you know is one of the best decisions you’ve ever made and joining the Mentor Program has been like that for me. From the first day I emailed Louise, the support and encouragement from everyone involved in the Program has been exceptional. Louise and Chris have given me the best resources to take control of my future and change it. Without doubt the Program does change your life, it is so rewarding in so many ways and learning how to do it with the best of the best is just pure joy, hard work, but pure joy.

Words can’t express how much I highly cherish the time, efforts and care Louise and Chris gave so generously. Scott is patience personified. The course was outstanding.”

– Felicity Rolls, Body Corporate Manager, Mornington Peninsula, VIC



“I echo the posts of other Mentorees – this Program is excellent.

Just twelve weeks in and I have made lots and lots of progress.

For someone with a construction background I realise the importance of a sound foundation and that’s exactly what we are getting here and more…

The fact that we can review the videos over and over again is so beneficial plus the summaries have been excellent.”

– Sean Hartley, Soon to be trader, Sydney



“These are the main topics that have been very useful so far:
• Understanding which are the steps to start trading.
• Getting the concept of the different instruments in the Market.
• Getting knowledge of money risk management.
• How to analyse a share.
• I have realised that I need to understand my own psychology first. I am still fighting with some of my own internal demons . I am undertaking some changes in my life in order to be better prepared not only for trading but also for life in general.
• The morning journal is helping me in expressing what I feel.
• Getting the support from my body.
• Louise and Chris’ videos so far are great, very clear to understand and an excellent complement to the books.
The level of knowledge you guys have is amazing. For me, this is the beginning of a long journey so I am very keen in getting involved in this trading family. The Program definitely exceeded my expectations. I’m already making some personal changes in my life as a consequence of the Mentor Program.”

– Javier Garcia, Project Manager, Adelaide



“I have attended other courses in the past. After 2 days of sitting in a seminar, you are sent on your way with a fistful of brochures upselling the next 3 courses that will “make all the difference to your trading”. You leave the seminar with just enough knowledge to be dangerous and then 6 months later, you wonder what is wrong with you? The forum content is the whole package. Never before have I ever come across any other education provider that will provide all of the pieces of the puzzle. After all, what good is technical analysis if you know nothing about money management ? What use are option strategies if you don’t know what a chart is? It’s a bit like being taught how to change gears in a car without being taught how to steer or obey the road rules. Inevitable disaster! The format of the forum is terrific. The content is delivered in such a way that you can review it in your own time, as often as you need. And then, the best part is that after you have digested it, you can return and post up your questions. Often the questions posted by another Mentoree will spark another discussion which uncovers another gem of information.

I’ve been blown away with how responsive Louise and Chris have been. Unlike many other “professionals”, they don’t lose interest the minute they’ve banked your cheque. They obviously have a genuine interest in seeing you succeed. Louise has a warmth and humour that makes you feel like she is standing in the room beside you. She is also incredibly patient. Chris reminds you of that strict teacher you had in high school. The one you were dead scared of for the first 2 weeks, but by the end of term, had become one of your favourites once you realised that his teaching methods were so darn effective.

And possibly one of the best things has been the honesty. The honesty about drawdowns, strings of losses, capital required and time taken. It is so refreshing and will no doubt serve us well into the future. I feel very fortunate to be involved in the program and only wish I’d done so a long time ago.

– Alison Willis, Full-time Mum, Business owner, Brisbane


“If your trading is at a standstill, don’t think twice about it – do the Mentor Program.

The journey you’ll go on will lift your trading to a level you never thought possible.

The money you spend to do the Program will only be a drop in then ocean compared to the income you’ll be capable of earning.”

– Henry Field, Grey Nomad, Banora Point, NSW



“The information and support provided is priceless. Not only will you have close contact and support from the experts, you will have a lifelong learning experience where you are able to give and share as well. The accessibility and generosity of Louise and Chris is fantastic. Most importantly, the psychology and importance of preserving capital is bred into you.

The fact that you actually have the option of access to the forums and resources on an ongoing basis is incredible. Louise and Chris provide years and years worth of knowledge and experience in an encouraging environment – almost in a nutshell.”

– Christine Croker, Aspiring Super Trader, VIC


“The Mentor Program is an amazing investment. 6 months of training, being able to ask Chris and Louise and other Mentorees questions is invaluable. The lessons are in depth and being able to repeat the Program is HUGE value for money. If you want to fast track your learning process, cut years off your learning curve – do the Mentor Course. The cost will be vastly outweighed by what you will gain in trading.”

– Roger Green, Part-time Trader, Mullumbimby, NSW



“I have never hesitated in telling people how fantastic this course is.”

– John Barmos, Sean Connery look-a-like, free range chicken farmer, VIC



“The Trading Buddy project is a great resource. (Each new Mentoree is assigned a Mentoree who has been through the course before them, so they can derive encouragement). It’s good to know someone is there to bounce ideas off. I loved dealing with Marc my buddy. You will learn more in 6 months from this course than learning on your own. The course is outstanding. The material and trading aspects were great, but the effects on other parts of my life were awesome!”

– Travis Stapleton, World explorer, VIC


If you’re interested in becoming a trader – don’t hesitate about doing this course. Just do it! Each session is brilliantly thought out and presented beautifully. The extensive knowledge and dedication of Louise, Chris and everyone else on the team is terrific. No question was left unanswered and nothing was too much trouble.”

– James Schabort, Semi-retired farmer, WA



“This is the best decision I have ever made to put me on the path to long term success. Being able to learn from the other students is exceptional. My expectations were totally exceeded.

I am completely horrified at the thought of trading without the knowledge I’ve gained over the last 6 months. The Mentor Program is a serious edge in trading. The course pays for itself even before you put on your first trade.”

– Natalie Murray, Nurse, Brisbane


“Compare this to any two day workshops in any other course! The cost can range from $1,800 to $3,000 for a weekend, usually with no follow-up at all. With the Mentor Program, you can repeat the Program as often as you like.”

– Louise Winstanley, Nurse, VIC


“There is no padding in this course. It’s straight to the point and honest. Chris and Louise have a genuine desire to help people in their trading.

I have been in business all my life and this program is among the best business decisions I have ever made. The cost of this Program is excellent value for money.”

– Philip Plowman, Ice-cream and Waffle business owner, Perth



“The quick and insightful feedback on the forum was amazing. Funnily enough the Program has helped me be better at managing risk as a dentist.”

– Kingston Soo, Dentist, Sydney



“The fact you can repeat the Program as many times as you like for free is incredible, as well as all of the Post Grad benefits.”

– Nick Bailey, Full-time Trader, VIC



“The quality of the information is priceless.

The directed questions presented as study tasks and the Metastock training was ideal.

The quality of the Mentor Program is beyond anything available elsewhere.

The course provides you with the confidence to be professional in your approach to the markets and not just a dabbler!”

– Julienne Kay, Engineer, Brisbane


“One of the best parts of the Program is the Trading Buddy project. My buddy was always willing to take the time to meet up and answer my questions. It is the best investment I have ever, ever made and I’m sure I will make that initial investment back many times over. Louise and Chris do not sugar coat anything and they tell the truth. You also get to learn how to trade every instrument. It’s really the best thing I have ever done. It’s a dream come true to be involved in the Program, and I now always wake up smiling. I feel so lucky to be a part of this group. The future looks very bright and I know if I ever encounter any problems, even if it’s 10 years down the track, I know I can turn to Chris and Louise for help.

Such an amazing experience, with incredible support. You’ll make your money many times over! Also, the support doesn’t end when you finish the Program. You’ll get ongoing support from amazing people who are willing to help with every question.”

– Trinh Nguyen, Pharmacist, QLD


“I firmly believe you get what you pay for (especially in shoes)! For me, as I had no experience prior to the Program, I have gone from not knowing anything to being able to trade in 12 months. I am certain that education is never wasted. I am certain I will be successful at this. Thank you to Chris and Louise, but also Scott who was so generous with his time. This Program has changed my life immeasurably.”

– Sunitha Athisdam, Chiropractor, Amsterdam



“This is worth the cost many times over. This is the best value for money on so many levels. It is unique, invaluable and a major educational tool.

Louise and Chris – you provide an amazing service. Your honesty and generosity are so appreciated. Chris, your clear, strong communication has deeper philosophical meaning. The mature approach grounds complex technical information and you make it easy to follow.”

– Rowena Gough, Jeweller, Teacher, VIC


“As a trainer, this Program is well worth the cost. Chris and Louise’s time and availability is unprecedented compared to any other training Program. The Mentor Program is absolutely worth the cost. It’s like doing an MBA in share trading (only more comprehensive and practical). Thanks Louise, Chris, Scott and Colin for having the vision and willingness to create this program and sharing so much of your time. I’m very excited to know I can go away, start small, and cautiously experiment with all of these other instruments that 6 months ago, I would have said ‘no way – too risky’. Now I’m a very happy trader!”

– Maree Burgess, Business owner, Melbourne


“This is absolutely the best Program that I’ve ever been involved with. I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone interested in trading.The training is exactly what I’ve been looking for and I’m pleased to have found some excellent mentors and trading friends at last. Thank you Louise and Chris for putting this Program together.”

– Kevin Reid, Dairy farmer/Pay TV Installer, Kialla VIC


“The Mentor Program is well and truly worth the cost.

I had been reading for 2 years and basically got a better coverage in just the first 6 weeks of the course.

The penny dropped having people explain the basics, rather than trying to learn them myself.”

– Lisa O’Brien, Analytical Chemistry/IT, Melbourne



“The Program has had an enormous impact by reshaping my outlook, not only about trading, but on living life itself. Rather than being given a system or a plan, I have been encouraged to develop my own individual system. This is akin to playing golf with my own golf clubs (with which I practise and perfect) at my own course, as opposed to playing with someone else’s clubs.

For me, this Program is really about opening my mind to new and various trading possibilities, of which I knew very little before.

Check the prices of other courses. What do you get and how many times can you repeat that course? This is the only course that provides unprecedented levels of support on an ongoing basis.”

Brian Carpenter, Alpaca Whisperer, Brisbane



“As well as the absolute wealth of information on trading, there’s a real sense of community and camaraderie on the forum.

You get to share everyone’s questions and “aha!” moments and get so much more out of it.

Compare this to just doing a course and walking away with a set of course notes you’ll never read again – versus a journey with constant guidance and interaction from both Chris, Louise and many others. It’s a relationship for life!”

– Nikki Griffiths, Trader in Training, NSW


“The absolute ease of being able to follow what was being taught and the joy of actually feeling that I was achieving something was one of the best parts about being involved with the Mentor Program.The total lack of hype was refreshing. It’s so worth the money. This course is life changing. If you have any doubts – just ring me! I’m not one for saying something that I don’t mean so if anybody needed to talk to me, they’d only get the truth. I’d say – Just do it!

Did the Mentor Program live up to my expectations? Hell yes! I loved every minute of it. I’ve never doubted my own abilities and discipline in achieving my own goals and with Louise and Chris’s guidance, anything is achievable. The senior ‘trading buddy’ I was teamed up with was extraordinary.”

– Joseph Campbell, Travel Enthusiast, Christchurch, New Zealand


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