This Musk Guy, He Wants All The Profits For Himself’

As someone who has bought and sold a few cars over the years I can offer a definite and informed opinion on this. Car dealers – particularly their sales staff bring nothing to the purchase process whatsoever. My understanding is that the research also backs this up – the majority of purchase decisions are made…

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I heard a remark in passing  the other day that prompted me to do a bit of research. Pirates, that is the sort that hijack ships not the sort that illegally download Game of Thrones  have their own stock exchange.  This exchange was established in 2009 in Harardheere which is north of Mogadishu. This exchange…

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Motivation Monday

92 years old and still motoring – vikings never seem to get old. Interestingly, I was in the gym on Friday and noted a series of young football players who could not dealift what this old bloke does.      

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99.9% Of A Crash In April……Apparently

Mind you this prediction is brought to you by the people who predicted an 87% chance of a crash last year……I must have been dozing on the couch when that happened. Note to self for this year – pay more attention to crashes. SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. (MarketWatch) — Global risks are accelerating. This is…

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I Love The Brain – The Marble-Hand Illusion

Our body is made of flesh and bones. We know it, and in our daily lives all the senses constantly provide converging information about this simple, factual truth. But is this always the case? Here we report a surprising bodily illusion demonstrating that humans rapidly update their assumptions about the material qualities of their body,…

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Collective Motion Of Stocks With And Without HFT

I came across these two videos by Austin Gerig of the Said Business School at Oxford. One of his specialities is the impact of HFT upon markets and the videos below represent the price movements of 40 large-cap US stocks in 1-minute interval without HFT and with HFT. You notice that with HFT there is…

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What Is A Hedge Fund?

They forgot to mention – a massive wealth transference device where the proprietors of the fund get rich whilst the fund stakeholders get a return less than they could have got by simply buying an index fund. Did I miss anything out?     What is a Hedge Fund Infographic from HedgeFundFundamentals

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Traders Beat Market Indexes Borrowing Tools From Sports

Graham Davidsonwas in a slump, the worst he’d ever known. In 15 years as a foreign-exchange trader in Sydney, New York and London, he’d always made money. Now, in the winter of 2011, he seemed to have lost his touch, Bloomberg Markets magazine will report in its April issue. Davidson’s trades were all in the…

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One of the joys of trading is that you dont really have to be a grown up in the sense that you dont need to go to a defined place of work, put up with other people or endure the childishness of office politics. However, running your own business does bring with it some responsibilities…

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AUD – A Study In Going Sideways

I often tell people to keep a simple file with nothing more than price and a few straight lines. Unfortunately, most interpret this as cover your charts with  what looks to be a map of the Melbourne tram network. It is surprising how much information price by itself can convey to you.

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Surprise, Surprise – CEO’s Are Paid Too Much

I have long suspected that the majority of CEO’s in the Western world, particularly in the US and Australia are vastly overpaid in terms of the value they bring to both shareholders and communities. Many years ago i looked at the share price performance of companies that had the highest paid CEO’s – at the…

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