New Porsche 991 GT3. First Drive

Never my favourite Porsche – magnificent for track days and perfect tarmac but the first time you go over a tram line or tram track it feels as if your left kidney is going to dribble out your nose. And for the idiot money they would want locally I would opt for the new Cayman…

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Time For A New Desk

If you are in the market for a new desk or any sort of funky furniture check out the creations from MotoArt They fashion furniture from old aircraft parts. Below is one I fancy from the wing of an old B-25 bomber.   They also have a fabulous collection of nose art.

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Wall Street relies on “stock analysts.” These are people who do research on companies and then, no matter what they find, even if the company has burned to the ground, enthusiastically recommend that investors buy the stock. They are just a bunch of cockeyed optimists, those stock analysts. When the Titanic was in its death…

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Hi Ho Hi Ho Its Off To Sydney I Go

I am off to the Sydney Trading and Investing Expo for the weekend where LB will be presenting something logical and sensible and I will be wondering around embarrassing brokers. So for those of you in Sydney who are either not busy deciding what colour G-String to wear the next Mardi Gras or recovering from…

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We May Have Another Contender

That is if it ever reached Australia at a vaguely reasonable price. The pricing of such cars locally is a rip off on a galactic scale – you can feel the colonoscopy (sans lube) going in every time you buy one. The only honest response I have heard from a car dealer regarding their local…

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How to Drive a Lamborghini

Whilst looking for a replacement for the Maserati I popped into the Lambo dealer next door to have a look. LB could get into them without any problem. I however ended up like the following

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Hedge Funds Are for Suckers

At the height of the financial crisis in 2008, a group of famous hedge fund managers was made to stand before Congress like thieves in a stockade and defend their existence to an angry public. The gilded five included George Soros, co-founder of the Quantum Fund; James Simons of Renaissance Technologies; John Paulson of Paulson…

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