Progress Isn’t Natural

How and why did the modern world and its unprecedented prosperity begin? Many bookshelves are full of learned tomes by historians, economists, political philosophers and other erudite scholars with endless explanations. One way of looking at the question is by examining something basic, and arguably essential: the emergence of a belief in the usefulness of…

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Moving Beyond Us vs. Them

Both skepticism and wonder are skills that need honing and practice. Their harmonious marriage within the mind of every schoolchild ought to be a principal goal of public education. I’d love to see such a domestic felicity portrayed in the media, television especially: a community of people really working the mix — full of wonder,…

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Statistics And Elections

One of the more annoying things about the US election;as if it were at all possible to list all the annoying things in one sopt is the inability of journalists to understand basic statistics. Consider the graphic below which I snipped from the site FiveThirtyEight Most are interpreting this as a lock for the Clinton…

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For those who are not up with the current vernacular FoMO apparently refers to Fear Of Missing Out. According to Wikipedia FoMO is defined in the following way – Fear of missing out or FoMO is “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent”.[2] This social angst[3] is…

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An Interview With Robert J. Shiller on Behavioral Economics

Warburton: So what you’re saying is that traditional economics has focused on an ideally rational individual, asking, “What would such a person do if he or she behaved in their own best interests based on the information available?” But behavioral economics brings in the fact that we don’t always behave in our own best interests.…

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Whilst literature was never really my thing at school, I found Death of a Salesman along with All Quiet on The Western Front to be deeply affecting. Death of a Salesman is a wonderfully instructive manual on how not to live your life.  

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