The Decline Of Pseudoscience

Have we reached peak green juice? The New York Times’ Brooks Barnes suggests as much in a recent story about what a haute-hippie refuge in California is bringing to an already over-saturated market: With every mini-mall, gas station and gym in Los Angeles now boasting a juice bar, or so it seems, the truly cutting-edge folks need to raise…

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Information Overload

I am currently rereading Nate Silvers – The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail – but Some Dont . It is a book that I consider compulsory reading for  any trader. The first part of the book deals with baseball – a sporting endevour which lends itself to statistical analysis and which has seen…

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Paul Tudor Jones – 13 Insights

1. Markets have consistently experienced “100-year events” every five years. While I spend a significant amount of my time on analytics and collecting fundamental information, at the end of the day, I am a slave to the tape (and proud of it). 2. Younger generation are hampered by the need to understand (and rationalize) why something should go…

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Letting Go

Every year I shred all my documents that I no longer need – I find shredding to be very liberating. Just a pity you cannot shred people as easily…. Behaviour Gap is well worth subscribing to for this simple little graphics.  

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Tantrum Of The Week

I was going to drop this into the email of the week category but it seemed to be more of a sook of the week sort of thing. Unfortunately, this one wasn’t sent to me so I had to read it over LB’s shoulder but its contents are more than worthy pf repeating. Our erstwhile correspondent stated that…

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The Golden Ratio is Total Nonsense

There is something in this for traders. Whenever, you start to see someone drop magic lines all over their charts you know that one of two things is true. They are struggling in the market and need emotional support or they simply dont know what they are doing. In the world of art, architecture, and design,…

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Can Bankers Behave…..Probably Not…

I have mentioned this study briefly before but this is nice long form piece. This idea—that Wall Street takes in ambitious, hardworking young people and corrupts them—is the premise of a recent study, “Business Culture and Dishonesty in the Banking Industry,” by three economists at the University of Zurich. The researchers recruited 128 employees from…

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